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Phoenix Framework Channel Client
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PhoenixClient is ready for use with Phoenix Framework v1.0.0. The PhoenixClient enables communication with a phoenix framework web project through the use of channels over websocket.

Learn more about the Phoenix Framework at

Socket Connection

PhxSocket *socket = [[PhxSocket alloc] initWithURL:url heartbeatInterval:20];
[socket connectWithParams:@{@"user_id":1234}]

Socket Hooks

[socket onClose:^(void) {
  NSLog(@"the connection dropped");

[socket onError:^(id error) {
  NSLog(@"there was an error with the connection!");


PhxChannel *chan = [[PhxChannel alloc] initWithSocket:socket topic:@"rooms:123" params:@{@"token":roomToken}];
[chan onEvent:@"new_msg" callback:^(id message) {
  NSLog(@"Got message %@", message);

Channel Hooks

[chan onClose:^(void) {
  NSLog(@"the channel has gone away gracefully");

[chan onError:^(id error) {
  NSLog(@"there was an error!");

Joining Channels

id join = [chan join];
[join onReceive:@"ok" callback:^(id messages) {
  NSLog(@"catching up %@", messages);
[join onReceive:@"error" callback:^(id reason) {
  NSLog(@"failed join %@", reason);
[join after:10000 callback:^(void) {
  NSLog(@"Networking issue. Still waiting...");

Pushing Messages

PhxPush* push = [chan pushEvent:@"new_msg" payload:@{@"Some Message"}];
[push onReceive:@"ok" callback:^(id message) {
  NSLog(@"created message %@", message);
[push onReceive:@"error" callback:^(id reason) {
  NSLog(@"create failed %@", reason);
[push after:10000 callback:^(void) {
  NSLog(@"Networking issue. Still waiting...");



PhoenixClient is available through CocoaPods. To install it, simply add the following line to your Podfile:

pod "PhoenixClient"

Or without cocoapods

You can down the source and include all the files located in /Pod/Classes in your project


Included in the source is the ChannelDemo iOS app. to use this app you will need to run the phoenix_chat_example. You can check this app out from

Follow the directions on the repo to launch the Phoenix app then launch the ChannelDemo in the Examples folder of this repository.


PhoenixClient is available under the MIT license. See the LICENSE file for more info.

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