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Hi‼ My name's Jordan, and I've gradually mutated over the last decade into being super obsessed with open source, backwards compatibility, and finding ways to balance what I feel are ethical obligations to all users of projects I interact with, with the very real problem of time management, burnout, and work/life balance.

I've been a part of TC39 (the committee that writes the specification for JavaScript) since 2014, and I was an editor of the specification from 2018-2021. I've been heavily involved in the node community for as many years, and I've gradually created (but mostly inherited or been gifted) a decent number of open source projects. I persist in trying to maintain them all with maximal back compat, the strictest adherence to semver, and the greatest respect for users.

Projects I Maintain

qs qs downloads resolve resolve downloads tape tape downloads
prop-types prop-types downloads compat-table es-abstract es-abstract downloads
airbnb javascript styleguide/eslint configs eslint-config-airbnb-base downloads
enzyme organization enzyme enzyme downloads
es-shims organization es5-shim es5-shim downloads es6-shim es6-shim downloads object.assign object.assign downloads
inspect-js organization object-inspect object-inspect downloads deep-equal deep-equal downloads which-collection which-collection downloads
jsx-eslint organization eslint-plugin-react eslint-plugin-react downloads eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y eslint-plugin-jsx-a11y downloads
import-js organization eslint-plugin-import eslint-plugin-import downloads
minimistjs organization minimist minimist downloads

… and many more on npm

Standards/Communities I Contribute To

this includes participation in working groups, committees, meetings, general issue triage, etc

How Sponsorship Helps

Although open source is a huge part of my life, it's not the most important part - I have a spouse, kids, and a dog; bills to pay; and I also try to give back to the wider community.

Sponsorship helps fund domains, travel, but also other sponsorships

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