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Ex mode for Atom
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ex-mode package

ex-mode for Atom's vim-mode


Install both vim-mode-plus (or the deprecated vim-mode) and ex-mode. Type : in command mode. Enter w or write.


Use the service to register commands, from your own package, or straight from

# in Atom's
atom.packages.onDidActivatePackage (pack) ->
  if == 'ex-mode'
    Ex = pack.mainModule.provideEx()
    Ex.registerCommand 'z', -> console.log("Zzzzzz...")

You can also add aliases:

atom.packages.onDidActivatePackage (pack) ->
  if == 'ex-mode'
    Ex = pack.mainModule.provideEx()
    Ex.registerAlias 'WQ', 'wq'
    Ex.registerAlias 'Wq', 'wq'

Existing commands

This is the baseline list of commands supported in ex-mode.

Command Operation
q/quit/tabc/tabclose Close active tab
qall/quitall Close all tabs
tabe/tabedit/tabnew Open new tab
e/edit/tabe/tabedit/tabnew <file> Edit given file
tabn/tabnext Go to next tab
tabp/tabprevious Go to previous tab
tabo/tabonly Close other tabs
w/write Save active tab
w/write/saveas <file> Save as
wall/wa Save all tabs
sp/split Split window
sp/split <file> Open file in split window
s/substitute Substitute regular expression in active line
vsp/vsplit Vertical split window
vsp/vsplit <file> Open file in vertical split window
delete Cut active line
yank Copy active line
set <options> Set options
sort Sort all lines in file
sort <line range> Sort lines in line range

See lib/ for the implementations of these commands. Contributions are very welcome!


Groundwork is done. More ex commands are easy to add and will be coming as time permits and contributions come in.



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