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win32 building cmd-line w/o the msvs gui

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1 parent 6bcb5f2 commit 0f4dd1c0daf81b9fb4abc2abd41f6ec048b2c4e9 @dougm dougm committed with Jul 15, 2009
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@@ -5,9 +5,8 @@ build the software and by specifying a generator explicitly at cmake:
2. mkdir build
3. cd build
4. cmake ..
-5. devenv YetAnotherJSONParser.sln
-6. build the ALL_BUILD target
-7. build output is left in build/yajl-X.Y.Z
+5. devenv YetAnotherJSONParser.sln /project ALL_BUILD /build Release
+6. build output is left in build/yajl-X.Y.Z
Earlier versions of visual studio have not been tested, but should
work without any major issues.

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