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snorkel is a real time data analysis tool, meant to answer questions about the now. At its heart, snorkel is built on the idea that iterative analysis is key to understanding. In other words - when graphs move, it should be easy to drill down on what is happening and why, not a frustrating exercise in adjusting failed queries.

future plans

2018 Q4 Update: After 5 years in the node ecosystem, I will be moving snorkel to a python backend. Expect a new release in Q1 2019. I feel that the node ecosystem has too much churn - it is difficult for me to make a package that can be installed without problems or security issues and I would like snorkel to have a lasting lifetime.

The new snorkel will have the same UI and retain many of the same features as the current snorkel. Some advantages will be:

  • adding new views will be easier for everyone
  • code configured datasets
  • less external dependencies
  • package stability


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grafana snorkel datasource is a plugin for grafana (3.0) to query snorkel. While this plugin is in early stages, grafana is quite amazing.

in action

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