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robotframework-ioslibrary is a Robot Framework test library for all your iOS automation needs.

It uses Calabash iOS Server to communicate with your instrumented iOS application similar to how Selenium WebDriver talks to your web browser.

Deprecation Warning

Lovely Systems does not not support this package anymore and do not have any follow up package in the same area. If anyone is interested to continue our efforts and would like to manage the contributors in this open source project, feel free to fork the package and give me a hint, so I can create a link to your fork!

best regards, Manfred (Github: schwendinger, schwendinger at


To install, just fetch the latest version from PyPI:.

pip install --upgrade robotframework-ioslibrary

Prepare your iOS app

To prepare your iOS app look at <>

Install Waxsim

To get full simulator support, e.g.: for testing in app purchases you have to install waxsim.

Download the source from:

change into the directory and build it with:


Then add the binary to your path

Simulator Reset

To use Reset Simultor enable:

System preferences -> Accesability -> Enable access for Assisted devices


API documentation can be found at, here is an example on how to use it:

Setting Value
Library IOSLibrary

Test Case Action Argument Argument Argument
[Documentation] Starts the iOS Simulator and swipes    
Set Device URL localhost:37265    
Start Simulator      
Wait Until Keyword Succeeds 1 minute 5 seconds Is Device Available
Swipe right    
Rotate left    
Screen Should Contain Hello World    


robotframework is a port of the ruby-based calabash-ios and therefore licensed under the Eclipse Public License (EPL) v1.0

Development by Lovely Systems GmbH, sponsored by Axel Springer AG.