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Classification with F# ML.NET Models

This is a sample F# ML.NET classification model ported over from another C# project. A more detailed blog post with instructions can be found at the following link

Build Project

git clone https://github.com/lqdev/fsmlnetdemo.git
cd fsmlnetdemo
dotnet restore
dotnet build

Run Project

dotnet run -p model/model.fsproj

Sample Output:

Automatically adding a MinMax normalization transform, use 'norm=Warn' or 'norm=No' to turn this behavior off.
Using 2 threads to train.
Automatically choosing a check frequency of 2.
Auto-tuning parameters: maxIterations = 9998.
Auto-tuning parameters: L2 = 2.667734E-05.Auto-tuning parameters: L1Threshold (L1/L2) = 0.
Using best model from iteration 1066.Not training a calibrator because it is not needed.
Predicted flower type is: Iris-virginica