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LuaRocks is the package manager for the Lua programming language.
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Makefile Makefile: divert bsdmake systems through gmake Aug 11, 2018 README: clearer installation instructions Jul 5, 2018
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config.ld Add LDoc configuration file Dec 21, 2011
configure fix(configure): remove extra leading '/' Jun 6, 2019
install.bat fs: versions of exists, is_file, is_dir for Unix and Windows that do … Apr 1, 2019
luarocks-dev-1.rockspec Add rockspec May 6, 2019
makedist makedist: add branch command Jun 6, 2019
mergerelease Merge branch '3.1.3' Jun 6, 2019
publishrelease publishrelease: fix pull, update Unix instructions Jun 6, 2019 Add smoke test Jun 6, 2019


A package manager for Lua modules.

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It allows you to install Lua modules as self-contained packages called rocks, which also contain version dependency information. This information can be used both during installation, so that when one rock is requested all rocks it depends on are installed as well, and also optionally at run time, so that when a module is required, the correct version is loaded. LuaRocks supports both local and remote repositories, and multiple local rocks trees.



LuaRocks is free software and uses the MIT license, the same as Lua 5.x.

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