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WARNING!!!! This project is not being actively mantained currently please refer to which is similar and more updated.


A speech denoise lv2 plugin based on the modified Xiph's RNNoise library by GregorR

What is RNNoise?

RNNoise is a library that uses deep learning to apply noise supression to audio sources with voice presence. You can learn more about it here:


You will require git gnu-make gnu-autoconf gnu-m4 gnu-libtool glibc to be installed on your system in order to compile the static instance of RNNoise library

To compile and install this plug-in you will need the LV2 SDK, Meson build system (use pip3 to install it), ninja compiler and git


  git clone
  cd speech-denoiser
  chmod +x && ./

Help RNNoise to get better!

Remember to donate a minute of noise to the cause ->


Make sure to check out Noise Repellent LV2 plugin if this is not working for you ->