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paste is a simple web app for writing & sharing code. It's my own take on conventional pastebin sites like or hastebin.

Anyone can use paste! The official/public instance can be accessed using the endpoints listed below, but you can also host your own if you like!

1) In a Web Browser

Just go to!

2) From the Command Line

You can submit content most easily using curl.

# Upload the contents of a file
> curl -T example.txt

# Upload the contents of a file and specify the language
> curl -T example.yml -H "Content-Type: text/yaml"

# Pipe in some output from any command
> echo "Hello world" | curl -T -
If curl isn't installed on your system, you can also post using netcat.
# Pipe in some output from any command
> echo "Hello world" | nc 1337

# Upload the contents of a file
> cat example.txt | nc 1337
If you don't want to do so much typing, you can create a shorter alias.
# Add this to the end of `~/.bashrc` and run 'source ~/.bashrc'
paste() {
  curl -T $1


# Upload the contents of a file
> paste example.txt

# Pipe in some output from any command
> echo "Hello!" | paste -
3) From Code

Send GET/POST/PUT requests to More info below.


The frontend (this repository) is written using the React framework. The backend data storage is handled by a separate web service called bytebin.

The user-interface is based on the Monaco Editor, the engine behind the popular Visual Studio Code text editor. It's quite simple; it supports syntax highlighting, automatic indentation, many supported languages, themes, zooming in/out, linking to specific lines or sections, and more!

I host a public instance at Please feel free to use it to share code/configs/whatever!

Please note that the following (very-non-legally worded) terms of service apply.
If you come across any content which is illegal or infringes on copyright, please get in touch and let me know so I can remove it.

Uploaded content is retained for 90 days then deleted. API

  • To read content, send a HTTP GET request to<key>.
    • Replace <key> with the id of the paste.
    • The content is returned in the response body.
    • The Content-Type header is text/<language>, where language is the id of the language the paste was saved with.
  • To upload content, send a HTTP POST request to
    • Include the content in the request body.
    • Specify the language with the Content-Type: text/<language> header, and please provide a User-Agent header too.
    • The paste "key" is returned in the Location header, or in the response body as a JSON object in the format {"key": "<key>"}.

The API is powered by the bytebin service, so more information about how it works can be found there.

Host your own

It's quite simple to host your own version.

git clone
cd paste
yarn install

# Outputs html/css/js files to /build
yarn build

# Start a webserver for testing/development
yarn start

You can then follow the create-react-app deployment documentation for how to host the build output. I personally recommend deploying to the cloud using a service like Netlify instead of hosting on your own webserver.

If you really want to self-host (including the bytebin data storage part), I suggest using Docker:

git clone
docker compose up -d

You should then (hopefully!) be able to access the application at http://localhost:8080/.