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stupidly simple "pastebin" service
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stupidly simple "pastebin" service.

it's a "pastebin" in a very simplified sense. effectively, it:

  • accepts (optionally compressed) post requests containing raw content
  • saves the content to disk and caches it in memory
  • returns a token to indicate the location of the content
  • serves content (in a compressed form if the client can handle it) when requested (using the token)

there's no fancy frontend - it can only be used via other software. (although you can at least view content in a web browser, assuming it's a media type that can be displayed)

the primary intended purpose of bytebin is to act as a middle man in the communication of two separate clients, using json payloads objects (hosted by a bytebin instance) as a means to transmit data.

how does it work

bytebin uses:

  • rapidoid as a web server
  • caffeine to cache content & handle rate limits
  • guava for byte stream manipulation
  • gson to read the config

and plain java for everything else.

is it fast or efficient

well it's written in java, but.. rapidoid is pretty fast, and so is caffeine.


MIT, go wild.

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