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Shell 1 1


Ubuntu utilities for promptless upgrades, fast-urandom, finding unlinked and deleted mmap'ed files, resuming tmux like screen -RR, more

Updated Sep 24, 2016

Shell 1 0


When git cloning, automatically pins CA certs for github.com or gitlab.com to reduce MITM risk

Updated Sep 21, 2016

Python 166 15


The archivist's web crawler: WARC output, dashboard for all crawls, dynamic ignore patterns

Updated Sep 13, 2016

JavaScript 1 0


Assert module for node that 1) appends the provided message to the default message, instead of replacing it 2) supports calling a function to get the message 3) A.eq does ===; no support for == or !=

Updated Sep 10, 2016

JavaScript 3 0


Chrome extension that mutes new tabs until you un-mute them

Updated Sep 7, 2016

Python 19 6


Robust multi-monitor screenshot grabbing library for Python 2.x/3.x on Windows

Updated Sep 5, 2016

Rust 3 0


Provides a Rust macro `dump!` that takes one or more variables and prints the name, type, and value of each variable. The output is also prefixed with [source_file:line_no].

Updated Sep 5, 2016

Python 4 1


Python module that provides access to the monotonic clock on Linux and OS X.

Updated Sep 5, 2016


My GitLab patches for reducing pagination and fixing styles

Updated Sep 5, 2016


All four BLAKE2 variants (blake2b, blake2bp, blake2s, blake2sp) with stream support for Node.js 4+

Updated Jul 27, 2016

Python 0 1


Tests new HDDs/SDDs by writing checksummed data and then verifying it

Updated May 21, 2016

Python 1 1


Rename many files using any text editor

Updated Feb 23, 2016

Python 0 1


An all-you-can-clone buffet

Updated Dec 19, 2015

Python 0 0


Reads a newline-delimited file and hands out one line at a time to clients that make requests over a simple HTTP POST interface.

Updated Dec 16, 2015


.reg crud from my past life with Windows

Updated Dec 12, 2015

Python 1 0


Some missing UNIX utilities for munging data using shell pipes

Updated Dec 4, 2015

Python 0 1


crc32c for Python; uses the Intel CRC32 instruction and thus requires SSE4.2

Updated Nov 24, 2015

JavaScript 1 1


Streamable uint32-prefixed frame decoder for node. Supports both little-endian and big-endian sizes. Size can include or exclude the 4 bytes of length itself. No O(N^2) problems on data trickling in. No dependencies.

Updated Oct 27, 2015

JavaScript 2 0


Type-check your function inputs with syntax like T(s, T.string, buf, Buffer, strings, T.list(T.string))

Updated Sep 25, 2015

JavaScript 0 0


Measuring the performance of languages using Conway's Game of Life

Updated Sep 19, 2015