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Python 143 11


The archivist's web crawler: WARC output, dashboard for all crawls, dynamic ignore patterns

Updated May 22, 2016

Shell 0 0


Initial setup script for my Ubuntu server instances

Updated May 22, 2016

Python 0 0


Tests new HDDs/SDDs by writing checksummed data and then verifying it

Updated May 21, 2016

Shell 0 0


Ubuntu utilities for promptless upgrades, fast-urandom, managing LXC instances, finding unlinked and deleted mmap'ed files, resuming tmux like screen -RR, more

Updated May 11, 2016


My GitLab patches

Updated May 11, 2016

Rust 0 0


Connects to a grab-site or ArchiveBot server and dumps all messages in either a human-readable or JSON format

Updated May 6, 2016


All four BLAKE2 variants (blake2b, blake2bp, blake2s, blake2sp) for io.js/node 4+ with stream support

Updated May 4, 2016


Sample firejail setup for development with cargo/rustc

Updated Apr 27, 2016


Sample firejail setup for development with node/npm

Updated Apr 27, 2016

Python 1 0


Rename many files using any text editor

Updated Feb 23, 2016

Rust 0 0


Dynamically generates and serves random HTML with lots of links to web spiders

Updated Feb 22, 2016

Rust 3 0


Provides a Rust macro `dump!` that takes one or more variables and prints the name, type, and value of each variable. The output is also prefixed with [source_file:line_no].

Updated Feb 18, 2016

Python 0 0


An all-you-can-clone buffet

Updated Dec 19, 2015

Python 0 0


Reads a newline-delimited file and hands out one line at a time to clients that make requests over a simple HTTP POST interface.

Updated Dec 16, 2015

Python 16 4


Convert protobuf Messages to/from Python lists, useful for implementing "protobuf over JSON"

Updated Dec 14, 2015


.reg crud from my past life with Windows

Updated Dec 12, 2015

Python 1 0


Some missing UNIX utilities for munging data using shell pipes

Updated Dec 4, 2015

Python 0 0


crc32c for Python; uses the Intel CRC32 instruction and thus requires SSE4.2

Updated Nov 24, 2015

JavaScript 0 0


Userscripts for GreaseMonkey that fix annoyances

Updated Nov 14, 2015

JavaScript 1 0


Streamable uint32-prefixed frame decoder for node. Supports both little-endian and big-endian sizes. Size can include or exclude the 4 bytes of length itself. No O(N^2) problems on data trickling in. No dependencies.

Updated Oct 27, 2015

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