Free cross-platform educational MIPS64 CPU Simulator
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EduMIPS64 is a cross-platform visual MIPS64 CPU simulator written in Java.


The EduMIPS64 web site is There is also a developers' blog at

To download the current stable release, go to the GitHub page for the latest release, which contains JARs, PDFs with the user documentation and zip/tar.gz files with the source code.

The user documentation is also available online at ReadTheDocs: For the italian version, click the selector at the bottom-right corner and choose the it translation.

The JAR for the latest development version is available at (built by Travis CI every time a new revision is pushed and passes unit tests).

To contribute to EduMIPS64, please start by reading the developer guide.

The proof-of-concept JS web application (GWT compilation + JS UI) is available at It is currently manually pushed.