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⚠️ Instabus is deprecated.

Thank you for your support and for advocating to CapMetro the need for realtime transit data. Thanks to your help, CapMetro noticed Instabus and invited us to work with them to publish realtime data. CapMetro now publishes reliable GTFS-realtime feeds, which means more than just the CapMetro app and Instabus can show realtime data for Austin.

Try out Transit, possibly the best realtime transit app that works in Austin. For more transit apps take a look at awesome-transit.

Realtime map of Austin's MetroRapid bus and MetroRail train

Works on your desktop, your iPhone, and your Android device. Just go to



What happened to the rewrite you started in 2016?

We got distracted by trying to make the map animations awesome and the code beautiful. You can view the work we started at

What happened to MetroRappid?

MetroRappid has been renamed to Instabus.

MetroRappid for iOS has been replaced with Instabus.

MetroRappid for Android (winner of ATX Hack For Change) had problems working with the Google Maps API. We've chosen to move in the direction of open data, and now instead use OpenStreetMaps. This webapp replaces MetroRappid for Android.

Why is the vehicle location out of date?

CapMetro only updates the vehicle location every 30-90 seconds. You should encourage them to provide more accurate realtime data.


We really need help making this app awesome. We use GitHub issues to track bugs, features, and ideas. Issues that we think are important/can use help are tagged as help wanted. You can filter by the help wanted tag:

The code in this repo is too messy. Instabus needs to be rewritten from scratch. It also needs to be rewritten to work for other cities. We can do this by supporting the OneBusAway REST API or Transitime. Unfortunately, Austin doesn't have a OneBusAway instance. So, we're slowly taking the necessary steps to run our own OneBusAway instance. See #210.

We need help getting OneBusAway/Transitime running. If you have experience with Java come help. Join the #instabus or #transitime channel on the Open Austin Slack.

If you're interested in rewriting the Instabus webapp, contact on Slack. One attempt at rewriting Instabus has been started: But it is nowhere near complete.

In the meantime, pull requests for bugs and UI changes to this repo are welcome.


Clone the repo and checkout the dev branch:

git clone
cd Instabus
git checkout -b dev origin/dev

Install dependencies through npm and browserify:

npm install

Serve the directory with gulp:

gulp serve


To deploy:

gulp clean
gulp build
gulp deploy

Updating GTFS Data



Instabus has gone through many iterations and has had many contributors. Some get credit in the Contributors graph, and some don't.


GNU General Public License Version 3