Remake of the classsic game Lode Runner (1983) for Roku Streaming Box
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Lode Runner for Roku

Remake of the classsic game Lode Runner (1983) for Roku streaming devices and TVs

Lode Runner for Roku

I developed this project during the nights and weekends of September/2016, after finishing the port of Prince of Persia for Roku as part of my studies about BrightScript 2D gamming API.

If you have a Roku or Roku TV you can install the preview channel using this link:

There are six selectable sprite modes, the original Apple II, the Commodore 64, IBM-DOS CGA, Atari 8 bits, Sinclair ZX Spectrum and Nintendo Entertainment System. The sound effects are from the Commodore 64 port.

The player can also select from three different versions of the game (level sets): the Classic (150 levels), Championship (50 levels) and Professional (150 levels). The level sets, guards AI and some assets were converted from the Javascript Lode Runner project by Simon Hung.

The version 0.11 introduced a Customel Level Editor, so the user can create up to 5 personalized maps.

Click the image below to watch a video with the functionality up to version 0.11:

Lode Runner for Remake for Roku (v0.11)

Disclaimer: This source code shall not be used commercially or sold in any form, the objective of this project is educational.

Marcelo Lv Cabral

Twitter: @lvcabral