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A chrome extension that presents your tabs vertically. Problem solved.
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Vertical Tabs (Chrome Extension)

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Chrome web store link: Vertical Tabs (

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Youtube Preview Link:

dnd tabs

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  • Display tabs vertically in a sidebar on web pages.
  • Tabs are displayed with the same style as Google Chrome.
  • Drag and Drop to reorder tabs. NEW in v0.2.0!
  • Search and filter tabs. NEW in v0.3.0!
  • Context menu on tabs. NEW in v0.4.0!
  • Toggle the sidebar by clicking on the extension icon.
  • Toggle the sidebar using the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + ` or Ctrl + Esc or Cmd + Esc or Opt + Esc or Alt + Esc
    • Using keyboard shortcuts are recommended once you formed the corresponding muscle memory.
  • The sidebar is resizable.

Planned Features

  • Place the sidebar on either the left or the right side of the browser window
  • Dark theme

👉 👉 Release Notes and Change log

Built with the following template:

👉 👉 Chrome Extension Boilerplate with React 16.6+ and Webpack 4+

Built with React, Webpack, and ❤ by Michael Xieyang Liu | Website

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