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ATC - Air Traffic Control
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ATC - Air Traffic Control

The game is based on the ATC Game for Linux by Ed James, UC Berkleey:, ucbvax!edjames.


Your goal is to manoeuver safely the planes in your area.

You need to:

  • take off planes waiting at runways;
  • land the planes at destination runways;
  • manoeuver the planes out of destination points at altitude of 36000 feet.

The simulation ends when:

  • user requests to exit the simulation;
  • a plane collinsion is detected, the collision happend when the distance between two planes are lower then 4 nautic miles and the altitude difference is lower then 1000 feet;
  • wrong destintation is reached;
  • a plane crash is reported whenever a plane lands in wrong direction.

Scores are sorted in order of the number of planes safe. Suspending a game is not permitted.

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Marco Marini

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