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simple console/terminal podcast downloader
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(Idea and first version from Stan Vitkovsky. Forked from

Simple podcast downloader for the command line

Circle CI

A simple command-line podcast downloader. Can be run from cron. Simply add your RSS feeds in ~/.upodder/subscriptions and watch your latest podcasts come in. Destination dir, filename, folder structures, etc can all be customized.

Please report any bugs on Github. I will promptly fix them.


pip install upodder


After installation, run upodder. It will initialize ~/.upodder/ to keep your subscriptions and a small DB of seen files. After that simply enter you feeds in ~/.upodder/subscriptions.

The next time you run upodder, it will go over each feed and download new entries to ~/Downloads/podcasts.

To view available options, run upodder --help

History and motivation

I've been using this script for several years and the project seems abandoned on Google Code. To keep it from disappearing, after Google Code is shut down, I've forked it here and refactored most parts. To quote the original author, Stan Vitkovsky and his motivation:

"I needed a simple console podcast downloader.

I did not find any one suitable for my needs (podracer lacked ATOM support, hpodder segfaulted from time to time and didn't understand ATOM as well. Both of then were unaware for entries IDs, only for mp3 file names, which are subjects to be changed, as on

My usage scenario is to download unseen enclosures, place them in the folder with a name ~/podcasts/%d-%m-%Y/{somename}.mp3 (like podracer does) and then rsync them to my MP3 player.

Also, I wrote a bash script, which mounts my player with pmount-hal, calls podracer, rsyncs my player and unmounts it safely."

Further Contributors

  • akira (gaspar0069): Add support for multiple file extensions and fix file move bug.
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