Backup MongoDB databases on S3 using AWS Lambda functions
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Backup MongoDB databases using AWS Lambda functions

The code in this repo allows running the backup of a MongoDB database to S3 on AWS Lambda by emulating a mongodump using pymongo and boto3. By default the function will create a JSON file for every collection in the database and save them in a /backup folder.

Install from pip

pip install mongo_lambda_backup


All configuration values are passed using environment variables.

The following values are required:

  • MONGO_URI: The URI including authentication credentials of the MongoDB host to be backed up.
  • BUCKET_NAME: The name of the S3 bucket to store the backup files in.

The following values are optional:

  • MONGO_DATABASE: The name of the database to back up. In case this is not set, it will be read from the path of MONGO_URI.
  • BUCKET_FOLDER: The folder in the bucket to store the JSON files in. Defaults to backups.
  • COLLECTION_BLACKLIST: A comma-separated collection of collection names to skip when performing the back up (e.g. for skipping indices).


MIT © Frederik Ring