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A simple script to screenshot a list of websites, based on the url-to-image phantomjs script.


  • Integrating url-to-image 'lazy-rendering' for AJAX resources
  • Fully functional on Windows and Linux systems
  • Cookie and custom HTTP header definition support
  • Multiprocessing and killing of unresponding processes after a user-definable timeout
  • Accepts several format as input target
  • Maps useful options of phantomjs such as ignoring ssl error, proxy definition and proxy authentication, HTTP Basic Authentication
  • Supports multiple renderers:
    • PhantomJS, which is legacy and abandoned but the one still producing the best results
    • Chrome and Chromium, which will replace PhantomJS but have some limitations: screenshoting an HTTPS website not having a valid certificate, for instance a self-signed one, will produce an empty screenshot. The reason is that the --ignore-certificate-errors option doesn't work and will never work anymore: the solution is to use a proper webdriver, but to date webscreenshot doesn't aim to support this rather complex method requiring some third-party tools.


Put your targets in a text file and pass it with the -i option, or as a positional argument if you have just a single URL.
Screenshots will be available in your current ./screenshots/ directory (default).
Accepted input formats are the following:



$ python webscreenshot.py -h
webscreenshot.py version 2.2

Usage: webscreenshot.py [options] URL

  -h, --help            show this help message and exit

  Main parameters:
    -i INPUT_FILE, --input-file=INPUT_FILE
                        <INPUT_FILE>: text file containing the target list.
                        Ex: list.txt
    -o OUTPUT_DIRECTORY, --output-directory=OUTPUT_DIRECTORY
                        <OUTPUT_DIRECTORY> (optional): screenshots output
                        directory (default './screenshots/')
    -r RENDERER, --renderer=RENDERER
                        <RENDERER> (optional): renderer to use among
                        'phantomjs' (legacy but best results), 'chrome',
                        'chromium' (version > 57) (default 'phantomjs')
    -w WORKERS, --workers=WORKERS
                        <WORKERS> (optional): number of parallel execution
                        workers (default 2)
    -v, --verbosity     <VERBOSITY> (optional): verbosity level, repeat it to
                        increase the level { -v INFO, -vv DEBUG } (default
                        verbosity ERROR)

  Input processing parameters:
    -p PORT, --port=PORT
                        <PORT> (optional): use the specified port for each
                        target in the input list. Ex: -p 80
    -s, --ssl           <SSL> (optional): enforce ssl for every connection
    -m, --multiprotocol
                        <MULTIPROTOCOL> (optional): perform screenshots over
                        HTTP and HTTPS for each target

  HTTP parameters:
    -c COOKIE, --cookie=COOKIE
                        <COOKIE_STRING> (optional): cookie string to add. Ex:
                        -c "JSESSIONID=1234; YOLO=SWAG"
    -a HEADER, --header=HEADER
                        <HEADER> (optional): custom or additional header.
                        Repeat this option for every header. Ex: -a "Host:
                        localhost" -a "Foo: bar"
    -u HTTP_USERNAME, --http-username=HTTP_USERNAME
                        <HTTP_USERNAME> (optional): specify a username for
                        HTTP Basic Authentication.
    -b HTTP_PASSWORD, --http-password=HTTP_PASSWORD
                        <HTTP_PASSWORD> (optional): specify a password for
                        HTTP Basic Authentication.

  Connection parameters:
    -P PROXY, --proxy=PROXY
                        <PROXY> (optional): specify a proxy. Ex: -P
    -A PROXY_AUTH, --proxy-auth=PROXY_AUTH
                        <PROXY_AUTH> (optional): provides authentication
                        information for the proxy. Ex: -A user:password
    -T PROXY_TYPE, --proxy-type=PROXY_TYPE
                        <PROXY_TYPE> (optional): specifies the proxy type,
                        "http" (default), "none" (disable completely), or
                        "socks5". Ex: -T socks
    -t TIMEOUT, --timeout=TIMEOUT
                        <TIMEOUT> (optional): renderer execution timeout in
                        seconds (default 30 sec)



Default execution with a list
$ python webscreenshot.py -i list.txt
webscreenshot.py version 1.0

[+] 4 URLs to be screenshot
[+] 4 actual URLs screenshot
[+] 0 errors

Default execution with a single URL
$ python webscreenshot.py -v https://google.fr 
webscreenshot.py version 2.2

[INFO][General] 'https://google.fr' has been formatted as 'https://google.fr:443' with supplied overriding options
[+] 1 URLs to be screenshot
[INFO][https://google.fr:443] Screenshot OK

[+] 1 actual URLs screenshot
[+] 0 error(s)

Increasing verbosity level execution
$ python webscreenshot.py -i list.txt -v
webscreenshot.py version 1.1

[INFO][General] 'http://google.fr' has been formatted as 'http://google.fr:80' with supplied overriding options
[INFO][General] '' has been formatted as '' with supplied overriding options
[INFO][General] '' has been formatted as '' with supplied overriding options
[INFO][General] 'https://duckduckgo.com/robots.txt' has been formatted as 'https://duckduckgo.com:443/robots.txt' with supplied overriding options
[+] 4 URLs to be screenshot
[INFO][] Screenshot OK
[INFO][] Screenshot OK
[INFO][http://google.fr:80] Screenshot OK
[INFO][https://duckduckgo.com:443/robots.txt] Screenshot OK
[+] 4 actual URLs screenshot
[+] 0 errors

$ ls -l screenshots/
total 61
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35005 Jan 12 19:46 http___173.194.67.113_80.png
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 38152 Jan 12 19:46 http___google.fr_80.png
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 35005 Jan 12 19:46 https___173.194.67.113_443.png
-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 12828 Jan 12 19:46 https___duckduckgo.com_443_robots.txt.png


  • Python 2.7
  • webscreenshot python script:
    • The easiest way to setup it: pip install webscreenshot and then directly use $ webscreenshot
    • Or git clone that repository
  • Phantomjs > 2.x : follow the installation guide and check the FAQ if necessary
  • xvfb if you want to run webscreenshot in an headless OS
  • Chrome or Chromium > 57 if you want to use one of these renderers


  • version 2.2 - 08/13/2018: Chrome and Chromium renderers support and single URL support
  • version 2.1 - 01/14/2018: Multiprotocol option addition and PyPI packaging
  • version 2.0 - 03/08/2017: Adding proxy-type option
  • version 1.9 - 01/10/2017: Using ALL SSL/TLS ciphers
  • version 1.8 - 07/05/2015: Option groups definition
  • version 1.7 - 06/28/2015: HTTP basic authentication support + loglevel option changed to verbosity
  • version 1.6 - 04/23/2015: Transparent background fix
  • version 1.5 - 01/11/2015: Cookie and custom HTTP header support
  • version 1.4 - 10/12/2014: url-to-image phantomjs script integration + few bugs corrected
  • version 1.3 - 08/05/2014: Windows support + few bugs corrected
  • version 1.2 - 04/27/2014: few bugs corrected
  • version 1.1 - 04/21/2014: Changed the script to use phantomjs instead of the buggy wkhtml binary
  • version 1.0 - 01/12/2014: Initial commit

Copyright and license

webscreenshot is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation, either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

webscreenshot is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE.

See the GNU General Public License for more details.

You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along with webscreenshot. If not, see http://www.gnu.org/licenses/.


  • Thomas Debize < tdebize at mail d0t com >