DIY lamp that shows current status of your builds on jenkins. Panic button included
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Led lamp that displays information about current jenkins build status. Main features:

  • Automaticaly turn on/off if user is logged on Hipchat
  • Beam effect if somebody makes coffee(How i know that)
  • Unicorn effect if food is delivered(via.
  • Big red arcade button that can send random message to somebody on Hipchat
  • Change color depending on Jenkins build status

How it works:

On separate server(in my case Raspberry Pi under my couch), there is running python script that periodically fetch information from jenkins and other endpoints. Any change is then published to separate MQTT topic. Each lamp subscribe to topics and animates acording to event:

See it in action on YouTube

Failing builds

Running builds

Success builds


Preparing device

Make hole in the lid of the jar and put arcade button

Additionaly add small hole for power coord.

Apply frozen glass effect to glass jar

I needed to apply 3 coatings before it look cool.

Wire and solder device

Wrap the tube using led strip and connect elements

Mount tube using tape, and put everything inside.

Upload code to Wemos D1 mini

Open device/device.ino in arduino ide. Copy credentials.h.example to credentials.h. Update it with your credentials and upload to Wemos D1.

Configuration of server

After cloning run:

pip3 install -r requirements.txt

Edit home configuration under config.yaml and run it:

python3 src/

Example systemd service file

sudo cp systemd/ /lib/systemd/system/
sudo systemctl enable
sudo systemctl start

Free MQTT brokers