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Awesome Memento Awesome

A list of things related to software, literature, and other content for Memento (RFC7089).



Web Browser Extensions

  • Memento Time Travel - Google Chrome extension and Mozilla Firefox Add-On (src, WebStore, Add-On Store)
  • MementoFox - Firefox Add-On (src, deprecated)
  • Mink - Google Chrome Extension (src, WebStore)

Mobile Apps

  • Memento-Browser - View web archives in the time dimension on Android (src)
  • MementoBrowser-ios - View web archives in the time on iOS (src)
  • Mobile Mink - View and create archived versions of mobile and desktop pages on Android (src)

Command-line Clients

  • py-memento-client (src) - Python-client to interface with Memento entities.
  • mcurl (src) - Command Line Memento Client (perl)
  • memento-client (src, npm) - JavaScript client to interface with Memento services
  • - (src, npm) - Memento-based API for in JavaScript

Server-side Enablers

  • django-memento-framework (src) - Add Memento support to Django applications.
  • invenio-memento - (src) - Add Memento support to Invenio sites.
  • Linked Data
  • MediaWiki Extensions - Add Memento support to MediaWiki instances:
  • Memento Tracer (site, no public prototype) - server-side processor to capture web publications for archival purposes.
  • mementoweb - (npm) - JavaScript module to add Memento functionality to Express projects.
  • MemGator (src) - Memento Aggregator written in Go.
  • TimeGate (src) - Python and uwsgi script to intercept requests for resource to make them Memento-compatible.
  • wordpress-memento-plugin - (src) - Add Memento support to WordPress sites.

Web Archive Replay

  • OpenWayback (src) - De facto web archive replay engine with the ability to provide Memento headers to archived resources. Written in Java.
  • pywb (src) - Python-based replay engine.
  • InterPlanetary Wayback (ipwb) (src) - Integration of WARCs with IPFS, supports Memento in bundled replay system.


Peer-Reviewed Publications

Blog Posts


A list of things related to software, literature, and other content for πŸ•£ Memento





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