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Guild Wars 2 Armory

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Guild Wars 2 Armory is an easy way to find, view, and share users, characters, and guilds with your friends on your mobile and PC! Join today and start sharing!

Quick Start

git clone
cd armory-app
yarn install # See
cp src/config/local.sample.js src/config/local.js # local.js isn't checked in so you'll have to make one yourself.


Run tdd for unit tests.

npm run tdd

Run dev for development and start for production.


npm run dev
npm start


Run dev:embeds for development and start:embeds for production.

npm run dev:embeds
npm run start:embeds

Notes for Local Development

  • When locally make sure you add a local.js to the src/env/ folder. Look at local.sample.js for help. This isn't checked in deliberately so we can play with local settings without affecting git history.
  • If needed you can get the api over at armory-back. You will have to update your config/local.js to point to localhost if running the api locally.
  • We use pre-commit to run commands before checking in. This will run npm test which covers linting, flow errors, and tests.



When a tagged commit is found a release to production is triggered in Travis.

To get a tagged commit run the following command in master:

npm version major|minor|patch

This will increment the version, update (anything under Unreleased will be moved to a version), and push commits/tags to git.


Standard npm version is used for deployments.

Redux Dev Tools

Enabled in dev mode only, go install the extension and then open it while running the armory locally.

Pull Requests

Feel like contributing? Look at the issues tab (or below in quick issues), or contact me on twitter for help to find something you'd like to work on. Make a pull request against master when you're ready to share your code!

Quick Issues

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