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Slack Channels

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Joining Slack

Link to the Magento Community Engineering Slack:

Want to join? Use this self signup link:

You can also contact us at Looking for a project? Check the Community Engineering Portal, with a meeting calendar!

General Channels

#general - Community wide discussions

#announcements - News on meetings, releases, etc.

#random - Non-Magento related conversation/jokes/watercooling etc

#event-EVENTNAME - Groups for given events such as Contribution Days, MeetUps, etc.

#events - General channel for all event-based topics

#github - Questions and answers around GitHub issues and Pull Requests. See also our Contributor Guide for info on processes and labels.

#donut-be-a-stranger - To get to know people in the Magento community. The donut app will pair people in this channel and suggest having a 15 min call in the week to get to know each other. You will get a new pairing every 2 weeks.

#diversity-inclusion - To work together to increase diversity and inclusion in the Magento community.

Special Project Channels

#msi - Multi-Source Inventory - Wiki | Repo

#graphql - GraphQL - Wiki | Repo | ZenHub

#async-import - Asynchronous API, Bulk API - Wiki | Repo

#pwa - Progressive Web Apps - Wiki | Repo | ZenHub

#japanese-localization - Japanese Localization - Wiki | Repo

#translations - All localizations project - Repo | ZenHub | CrowdIn

#aep-launch - Adobe Experience Platform Launch integration - Wiki | Repo

#adobe-stock - Adobe Stock Integration - Wiki | Repo

#payment-improvements - Updates and improvements to Payments - Wiki | Repo

Magento Processes / Tech / Standards

#appdesign - Magento Architecture - Wiki | Repo

#service-isolation - Architecture Services Isolation, see Architecture repo for more

#coding-standard - Coding Standards - Wiki | Repo

#mftf - Magento Functional Testing Framework - Wiki | Repo | Test Conversions

#magefront - Magento Front End development discussions

Other Magento Channels

#devdocs and #merchdocs - Magento Documentation for DevDocs and MerchDocs - Repo | Contributing

#cloud - Magento Commerce Cloud for ece-tools and general discussion - Repo

#marketplace - Magento Marketplace, Extentions Quality Program, etc

#mom - Magento Order Managment

#deployment - Deployment Tools, Flows etc

#b2b - Magento B2B, partners can submit PRs

#infrastructure - Docker, Vagrant, AWS, hosting, etc.

#performance - Magento performance discussions

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