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* Pricing Improvements:
  * Added price calculation component to library
  * Eliminated price calculation from blocks and templates and implemented new calculation models for the following product types:
     * Bundle
     * Simple/Virtual
     * Grouped
     * Downloadable
  * Resolved price calculation dependencies on the Tax and Weee modules
* Themes update:
  * Updated the look&feel of the Admin theme
* Fixed bugs:
  * Fixed an issue with the inability to save product with grouped price when Price Scope = Website
  * Fixed an issue with fatal error on attempt to edit product from wishlist in stores with multiple store views
  * Fixed an issue where it was impossible to add to a wishlist a product with custom quantity
  * Fixed an issue where JS validation was skipped during CMS page creation
  * Fixed an issue with the New Customer Address Attribute page and the New Customer Attribute page having the same title
  * Fixed an issue where a form was submitted two times during CMS page creation
  * Fixed an issue where a fatal error appeared when trying to edit product in a wishlist in stores with multiple store views
  * Fixed an issue with inability to change page layout for categories
  * Fixed an issue where the Quantity drop-down list box was disabled for bundle products
  * Fixed an issue where inactive Related Products rules were applied
  * Fixed a clickjacking vulnerability
  * Fixed bugs and added improvements in the Blank theme
  * Fixed an issue where the Flat Rate shipping method was not enabled by default
  * Fixed an issue with incorrect order of products on the Add Product split button
  * Fixed an issue with saving the tier price attribute value
  * Fixed an issue with creating integration from config file
  * Fixed an issue where the Cookie Restriction Mode = Yes configuration was not applied
  * Fixed an issue where it was impossible to perform ajax actions from backend grids in Internet Explorer
  * Fixed the improper usage of DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR
  * Fixed an issue where it was impossible to add new address on customer's account page if default address had been already set
  * Fixed an issue where setting memory_limit to -1 caused installation failure
  * Fixed an issue where the configuration of Admin Session Lifetime was not applied correctly
  * Fixed an issue where Scheduled Export was not performed if exporting to remote FTP server
  * Fixed the wrong default value for PHP memory_limit
  * Fixed an issue where frontend messages were not displayed when FPC was turned off
  * Fixed the position of page action buttons on the Categories page in the backend
  * Improved backend grids UI
* Framework Improvements:
  * Simplified Search related Data Objects
  * Moved lib/Magento/* to lib/Magento/Framework/*
    * Moved lib/Magento/App to lib/Magento/Framework/App
* Refactored the following modules to use Customer service:
  * PayPalRecurringPayment
  * RecurringPayment
  * Multishipping
  * Paypal
* Customer Service usage:
  * Implemented Service Context Provider
  * Restructured webapi.xml
  * Renamed createAccount to createCustomer in CustomerAccountService
  * Implemented Caching strategy for the Customer service
* GitHub requests:
  * [#488] (#488) -- Converted several grids from Magento\Sales module to new layout XML config format
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