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Latest commit c7fff61 Feb 20, 2017 @okolesnyk okolesnyk committed on GitHub Merge pull request #853 from magento-epam/pr1
[Epam] Extend functional test sprint 1

- Tasks:
- MTO-112: [Variation] Use Layered Navigation by Price (Navigation Step = Manual, MySQL)
- MTO-108: [Test] Observe Different Base Currency per Website
- MTO-117: [Variation] Use attribute in the Advanced Search
- MTO-109: [Variation] Create and use XML Sitemap with submission to Robots.txt
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app Merge remote-tracking branch 'mainline/develop' into MAGETWO-61826_63014 Feb 19, 2017
bin Merge branch 'develop' of into … Jan 10, 2017
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generated MAGETWO-62707: Implementation Dec 28, 2016
lib MAGETWO-64250: [GitHub][PR] magento/magento2 #8434 Problem on mobile … Feb 18, 2017
phpserver MAGETWO-62855: Copyright Year Update 2017 Jan 5, 2017
pub MAGETWO-57795: Support Varnish of new versions and new purge modes Jan 11, 2017
setup MAGETWO-64606: Update performance scenario according to the latest pe… Feb 15, 2017
var MAGETWO-50676: EntityManager introduction Apr 4, 2016
vendor MAGETWO-40265: sensitive resources are web-accessible Jul 16, 2015
.gitignore MAGETWO-63295: Installation fails because 'generated' directory is ab… Jan 18, 2017
.htaccess MAGETWO-55757: Magento 2 does not work on Apache php-fpm environment Aug 25, 2016
.htaccess.sample MAGETWO-51428: Duplication of PHP memory settings in sample web-serve… Jun 29, 2016
.php_cs MAGETWO-62855: Copyright Year Update 2017 Jan 5, 2017
.travis.yml MAGETWO-63512: Travis build failures because the job exceeded the max… Feb 4, 2017
.user.ini MAGETWO-55757: Magento 2 does not work on Apache php-fpm environment Aug 30, 2016 MAGETWO-50211: Magento 2.1.0 Publication Jun 16, 2016 MAGETWO-49102: Contribution Documentation Links Update Feb 11, 2016
COPYING.txt Adding OSL license file name Jan 17, 2015
Gruntfile.js.sample MAGETWO-62855: Copyright Year Update 2017 Jan 5, 2017 MAGETWO-54689: Update Issue Template for public GitHub Jun 23, 2016
LICENSE.txt 0.1.0-alpha99 Oct 13, 2014
LICENSE_AFL.txt MAGETWO-48081: Copyright Year Update Mar 18, 2016 Replace installation instructions and system requirements with links … Feb 16, 2017
auth.json.sample Create auth.json.sample May 16, 2016
composer.json Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/develop' into MAGETWO-54361 Feb 13, 2017
composer.lock MAGETWO-54361: Configurable variation is displayed on category/produc… Feb 13, 2017
grunt-config.json.sample MAGETWO-55345: Grunt uses actual theme's list Aug 23, 2016
index.php MAGETWO-63716: Add target to admin menu element Jan 30, 2017
nginx.conf.sample Removed un-used static version rewrite rule in nginx.conf.sample Dec 21, 2016
package.json.sample MAGETWO-61261: Cover with Js unit test changes introduced in the scop… Dec 5, 2016
php.ini.sample MAGETWO-62855: Copyright Year Update 2017 Jan 5, 2017

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