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Welcome to the Magento 2 repository!


Magento is an open source, enterprise-class eCommerce platform with 100,000+ merchants using it worldwide. More than a 1,000 Magento stores come online every day! These merchants depend heavily on the ecosystem of third-party developers, such as you, to build Magento implementations, customizations, and extensions. The successful developers in Magento's vibrant ecosystem have a strong knowledge of the Magento platform as well as eCommerce. Check out Magento to learn more about the platform.


Magento 2 is an open source eCommerce R&D project facilitating the improvement of Magento Core products. With the new and improved features in Magento 2, developers will be able to offer more functionality to merchants and continue to grow with the platform.


By contributing to the Magento 2 open source project, you will:

  • define the future of what the new and improved platform looks like
  • boost your existing skills and build new ones in the rapidly evolving eCommerce space
  • be ready with strong knowledge of the platform when it comes out
  • differentiate yourself as a developer with deep platform expertise


We welcome your contributions and your feedback to this project is very valuable to us. We're rejoiced to have you join the Magento ecosystem and look forward to you contributions!


Disclaimer: Magento 2 is currently at development stage. The information contained herein is subject to change without notice and is not warranted to be error-free. The software and documentation is provided WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY and it is NOT intended for commercial applications and may be used at your own risk.