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@zetlen zetlen released this Feb 21, 2019

馃帀 PWA Studio 2.0.0 is live on NPM. Welcome!

What's new

This is a brief development summary for this release.

For a list of relevant Pull Requests related to the 2.0 release, see this GitHub query result.

Server platform and language independence

  • UPWARD spec introduced for cross platform server behavior configuration.
    An UPWARD file describes a stack-agnostic server that is used for server side rendering, asset delivery, and proxying.
  • A PWA package can now define its network requirements in an UPWARD file.
  • A PWA can now be deployed on any tech stack as long as the server is UPWARD compliant.
  • UPWARD servers implemented in NodeJS and PHP
  • UPWARD spec published and open for community contribution.

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Improved developer experience

  • Implemented consistent patterns for workflow, such as action/reducer organization and container/presentational separation, in the Venia reference storefront source code.
  • Venia components are now portable and can be used in any React application.
  • New centralized driver and adapter concepts for all PWA-Studio component input/output.
  • Configurable low level UI elements, such as lists and forms, available for developers without the need for drivers or adapters.
  • Improved error handling to help detection and recoverability.

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Venia app-like experience

  • Pagination feature added to Venia reference storefront for app-like navigation.
  • Inline checkout implemented in the Venia reference storefront.
  • Basic account creation and management implemented in Venia.
  • Loading state implemented to improved the app-like experience.

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Improved shopper experience

  • Braintree checkout integration in the Venia reference storefront.
  • Search with intelligent previews implemented in the Venia reference storefront.

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PWA compliance

  • Web App Manifest file created for the Venia reference storefront.
    This file provides the metadata for adding the Venia storefront to a mobile home screen.
  • Service worker optimizations.

Performance enhancements

  • Smart caching implemented to improve service worker catalog caching
  • Bandwidth usage optimizations achieved using:
    • Dynamic image compression/resize
    • Advanced minification
    • Bundle splitting
  • Improved app performance on devices, including smoother renders and faster Time To First Meaningful Paint.

GraphQL usage

  • GraphQL usage increased to match coverage updates in Magento 2.3.0.

Magento Cloud compatibility

  • A new Magento module (Magento_UpwardConnector) is available to route frontend requests through an UPWARD-PHP server.
  • Solution Implementers(SI) can replace existing Magento cloud storefronts with a new PWA storefront using the UPWARD connector module.
  • Documentation created for deploying storefront to Magento Cloud
  • Assistance offered by Magento Enterprise Cloud deployment team

Related documentation updates

  • README for the Magento_UpwardConnector module, which contains Cloud deployment instructions.

Other documentation updates

New topics

Updated topics

Known issues

  • After submitting a successful order, the application throws up an error notification, and the user has to actively click out of the error notification. (#916)
  • Create account page displayed with null values for email, first and last name when creating an account during a guest checkout. (#830)
  • (Mobile specific) When there are more categories, users cannot scroll to Sign in button. It blocks user from signing to the account. (#824)

Other notable updates

  • Switched from NPM to Yarn for package management
  • Setup Venia storefront video developed and available in Magento U
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