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Community-driven fork of Diaspora's federated social network software


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Acropolis (recent fork of diaspora*)

Build Status

Acropolis was forked from diaspora* in August 2021. The idea for the fork is to optimize toward community, that is making it as easy as possible to contribute. We're following a protocol that basically says if you are addressing a valid problem, your code gets merged. Everything else follows from that.

For everyone Instance administrators Contributors (all skill levels)
Find a pod Install your own from Report an issue, submit code or docs, or solve a problem at the Issue tracker

Learn more at


We're running our test instance via Docker and docker-compose. If you'd like to do the same, please see Note: Upgrades are still rough since there's no built-in upgrade process for docker-compose.

YunoHost installation is coming soon.


To get setup for development, follow our Dev Setup guide

Background and Upstream

For more background on the software, see the upstream repo at


  • Ruby 64.2%
  • JavaScript 21.4%
  • Haml 5.1%
  • Gherkin 4.1%
  • SCSS 3.1%
  • Handlebars 1.4%
  • Other 0.7%