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MahaDAO governs $ARTH. The world's first decentralised valuecoin

Welcome to MahaDAO

We are a decentralized organisation on a mission towards financial liberty together with $ARTH and $MAHA.

This is our Github repository. Here are a few quick links to help you navigate around.

ARTH Valuecoin

  • mahadao/arth-core The core contracts for the ARTH Valuecoin. These contracts include functionality to mint/burn ARTH, the ERC20 code for ARTH itself, various mechanisms to handle collateral (such as liquidations, stability pools) and packages to interact with the protocol.

  • mahadao/gmu-oracle-contracts The contracts for the GMU (the price peg for the ARTH valuecoin). These contracts include the oracle contracts that help determine what will be the protocol price for ARTH. This unique price peg is what makes ARTH different from other USD stablecoins in the market. This repository also contains simulations that tries to how ARTH would've behaved across various market scenarios.

  • mahadao/flashloans-arth A repo implementing flashloans for ARTH.

  • mahadao/ The source code of the Gitbooks page which is currently maintained at

Governance Related


  1. arth-core Public

    The world's first valuecoin. Core contracts for $ARTH

    JavaScript 1

  2. The smart-contracts for all governance related operations within the MahaDAO

    Solidity 1

  3. The smart-contracts for the code that calculates the ARTH

    Jupyter Notebook 2

  4. Smart contracts for the various strategies

    Solidity 2


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