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Malware's Development Kit for SE
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(Malware's Development Kit for SE)

A toolkit to help with ingame script (programmable block) development for Keen Software House's space sandbox Space Engineers. It helps you create a ready-to-code project for writing ingame scripts, and provides an analyzer which warns you if you're trying to use something that is not allowed in Space Engineers.

General features

  • Helps you create a fully connected script project in Visual Studio, with all references in place
  • Requires that you have the game installed, but does not require you to have it running
  • Class templates for normal utility classes and extension classes
  • Tells you if you're using code that's not allowed in Space Engineers (whitelist checker)
  • Deploys multiple classes into a single PB script, which then is placed in the local Workshop space for easy access in-game - no copy/paste needed
  • Supports optional code minifying: Fit more code within the limits of the programmable block
  • Allows real reusable code libraries through the use of Visual Studio's Shared Project
  • Out-of-game script blueprint manager allows you to rename and delete script blueprints without starting the game

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Space Engineers is trademarked to Keen Software House. This toolkit is fan-made, and its developer has no relation to Keen Software House.

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