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The MAngband Change Log

This document outlines changes between versions. Changes listed here are those that are visible to players or server admins, and we tend not to include things such as code tidying or internal protocol changes, etc.

MAngband Version 1.4.0 (1st Dec 2018)

  • If you sell an artifact to the shop, you will never find it again.
  • Wands and staves now stack and combine charges.
  • Rods stack, even when charging.
  • All characters start with a Word of Recall scroll.
  • Hallucination and blindess duration reduced by 90%.
  • Characters don't drop artifacts when they suicide.
  • Character death annoucements include the level, race and class.
  • Characters who are afraid don't try to auto-retaliate.

MAngband Version 1.1.4 (29th Nov 2018)

  • New Windows client installer
    • Doesn't require administrator access to install
    • Works on all Windows versions
    • Fixing problems with writing to files on some versions of Windows
  • Potions of Healing now available in the temple.
  • Fix for flashing password on screen when logging in.
  • Fixes the occasional server crash when dropping gold.
  • Fixes monsters unable to move breathing/casting too quickly.
  • Fixes cursed amulets of infra-vision actually being amulet of infinite infra-vision.
  • Don't let the character pick stuff up when paralysed.
  • Fix for scrolls of curse weapon seriously breaking artifacts.
  • Default server save time is now every 10 minutes.
  • Fixes some buffer overflow problems on the server.
  • Fixes some other network issues related to login.

MAngband Version 1.1.3 (27th May 2016)

Bug fix release

  • Multiple improvements on FreeBSD port. (#1020)
  • No-ghost option changable after leaving level 1. (#1008)
  • Panic save handler simplification. (#763)
  • Shops sell zero items if asked to. (#974)
  • Incorrect packet_scanf use in Recieve_objflags. (#855)
  • Players are repositioned incorrectly. (#527)
  • Port object_copy macro from V, fix Monster Inventories. (#353)
  • Gold disappearing from player shops. (#914)
  • Make sure players can't buy zero or less items from stores. (#974)
  • Incorrect buying price in player shop transactions. (#992)
  • User-sent "direction" can get out of ddx/ddy bounds. (#998)
  • Minor cleanup of SDL client. (#747)
  • Wilderness suburbs broken upon server restart. (#1011)
  • Incorrect disconnect during login. (#746)
  • Bot restart during IRC flood causes server crash. (#850)
  • Fix password display bug. (#1003)
  • Prevent glyphs from being created in houses. (#999)
  • Fix broken pipe bad shutdown in curses client. (#1000)

MAngband Version 1.1.2 (27th Apr 2009)

Bug fix release

  • Instances are no longer limited to one year span (#824)
  • Items could be inscribed =g for auto-pickup (#777)
  • Winners get character dumps on suicide (#730)
  • More informative mini-map (#681)
  • Morgoth never respawns for same player (#781)
  • Uniques don't spawn in the wilderness (#825)
  • Breeders don't multiply in the wilderness (#738)
  • 64bit clients should have no trouble connecting (#748)
  • Spear of Light spell was missing, now returned (#694)
  • Polymorph is disabled in Town (#768)
  • Indirect projections do less damage (#849)

MAngband Version 1.1.1 (18th Aug 2008)

Bug fix release

  • Beam effects no longer remain on screen (again) (#604)
  • Text correction when examining items (#516)
  • Character ghosts in walls no longer immune to monster spells (#643)
  • Enable highlighting of maxed stats once again (#644)
  • Burned grass becomes dirt (#647)
  • Hit points can no longer exceed max by 1 (#652)
  • Prevent empty pages being displayed in stores (#654)
  • Wilderness crops regrow over time (#664)
  • Dropping gold works more sensibly (can drop all gold) (#548, #678)
  • Gil-Galad's starlight activation works correctly (#645)
  • Fix (Windows) server crash when dropping items (or firing arrows) (#626)
  • Number of last messages in character dump increased to 60 (#629)
  • Windows "font lock" bug fixed, client releases all fonts on exit (#505)
  • Remove some misleading "SERVER ERROR" messages, which were lies (#677)

MAngband Version 1.1.0 (19th Jul 2008)

The previous release marked the final release of the v1.1.0 client, but the server was considered to be a second beta test release. This release marks the final release of the version 1.1.0 server.

  • Items no longer drop on the floor when removing equipment with a full pack (#513)
  • When "Brave" (no ghost) characters die, let everyone know they were Brave (#511)
  • Fix various player shop exploits (#510)
  • Fixes some broken ego items (Lordly res and others) (#459)
  • Admin console reports if characters are "Brave" (#518)
  • More fancy formating of the uniques list (#529)
  • Prevent lag and player freezes caused by breath animations (#491)
  • Player joins/parts are reported to the Admin Console (#522)
  • Correctly reset player houses for "Brave" (no ghost) characters (#526)
  • Disable clone wands for characters higher than level 10 (#521)
  • Levels feelings have never worked correctly, fixed now (#492)
  • Make junk a bit more rare (#529)
  • All Terken amulets were slow digestion, fixed (#496)
  • Server log output tidied up (#532)
  • Fix racial abilities for characters (Kobolds res poison, HT's regen, etc) (#414)
  • Inscription to prevent taking off equipment wrong in some cases, fixed (#539)
  • Correct Acid Bolt mage spell (#302)
  • Correct magic mapping scroll effect in town (#512)
  • Entering manual targeting with no monsters around gives a warning (#503)
  • Fuel is updating after refilling from the floor (#542)
  • Fruit bats work as expected once more (#537)
  • specific splash screen replaced with a generic one. (#544)
  • runserv script for Linux updated for better core dumps and logs (#545) (#553)
  • Correctly display character abilties gained at level 30 in the char sheet (#486)
  • Player can shop safely when drugged (#547)
  • Config option to build a wall around the town (useful in ironman mode) (#363)
  • Prevent the server siliently quiting on certain error conditions (#552)
  • Fix a problem which caused clients not to be able to connect (#586)
  • Clients correctly display the message from the server on error (#554)
  • Error number wasn't correctly set on socket errors (#576)
  • Fixed problem with Zoo of Concentrated Death vault (#582)
  • Can no longer run when confused (#587)
  • Reduced chance of finding a hidden door when tunneling (#549)
  • Fix elemental rings (of Acid, of Flame, etc) activations (#592)
  • Prevent some dropping artifact exploits (#591)
  • Players can only switch places intentionally (#593)
  • Fix "haunted house" exploit and other house breaking tricks (#594, #527)
  • Friendly targeting more intelligently picks targets (#595)
  • Allow arrows and various other items to stack on the floor (#597)
  • Fixes for running exploits (#605)
  • Server can be configured to listen on any port (#585)
  • Fix screen update bug where beam effects remained on the screen (#604)
  • Correct mage spell Acid Ball damage (#620)
  • Rods are no longer always (charging) in shops, etc (#381)
  • .mangrc on Linux should work more reliably (#528)
  • The server no longer logs private player to player messages (#623)

MAngband Version 1.1.0 (beta-2) (1st Apr 2008)

This version breaks compatibility with older clients and requires a new 1.1.0 client

  • Allow players to change password from character screen (#100)
  • House keys have been removed from the game. (#90)
  • Houses are correctly reset and cleared on player death. (#90)
  • Client can use a single large window (SDL) (#116)
  • Detection (rod/spell) also detects invisible (#125)
  • New autotools based build environment, works on Linix and Windows (#11, #185)
  • Hallucination now produces hallucinations! (#190)
  • Artifacts can only be dropped below their base depth (#194)
  • Monsters can now hit to cause hallucination (#122)
  • Monsters can resist Nexus attacks (#121)
  • In debug mode players start with lots of gear (#216)
  • In debug mode players can use the DM menu system (#216)
  • It's now possible to interact with items on the floor, such as read scrolls on the floor (#210)
  • Cursor highlight implemented (#117)
  • Looking and targeting works correctly (with the cursor) (#227)
  • DMs can use Create Artifact scroll (#243)
  • Item descriptions implemented (#245)
  • No more wierd status messages ("you are full") on death (#246)
  • On death ghost no longer appears first as an "-" (#118)
  • No longer lose a charge from a staff/scroll if you abort the action (#244)
  • Auto scum is disabled for 1000 turns after entering a new level (#68)
  • Charging/non charging rods sort correctly in inventory (#189)
  • Don't allow default password to be used for characters (#99)
  • Client handles things better when it can't connect to the server (#254).
  • Monsters no longer enter the tavern (#251)
  • Fix some font problems on WinXP (#188)
  • Walls appear solid on all platforms (#188)
  • Added player owned shops. (#209)
  • Ctrl+D allows you to brag about your inventory items (#261)
  • Mage spells and magic system updated to Angband 3.0.6, the more major changes follow:
  • New mage spell Wonder (#333)
  • New mage spell Shock Wave (#334)
  • New mage spell Explosion (#335)
  • New mage spell Mass Sleep (#336)
  • New mage spell Bedlam (#337)
  • New mage spell Rend Soul (#338)
  • New mage spell Chaos Strike (#339)
  • New mage spell Rune of Protection (#340)
  • New mage spell Rift (#344)
  • Mages lose the spell Detect Evil (#308)
  • Mages lose the spell Detect Evil (#308)
  • Mages lose the spell Resist Acid (#314)
  • Mages spell Essence of Speed becomes Haste Self (#320)
  • Mages lose the spell Globe of Invulnerability (#321)
  • Mage spell lightning bolt is a full beam spell (#274)
  • Mage spell Genocide renamed Banishment (#352)
  • Mage spell Mass Genocide renamed Mass Banishment (#352)
  • Mage spell Tidal Wave became Shock Wave (#294)
  • Mage spell Meteor storm updated (#306)
  • Rings of damage limited to +-17 (#480)
  • Rings of slaying limited to +-10 (#481)
  • BM no longer stocks infinite heals, enlights, ids and speed pots (#499)
  • Tresure detection no longer detects gold on the floor (#267)
  • Monsters inventories implemented. Monsters now drop items they picked up. (#353)
  • Options are correctly saved in the client when changed (#191)
  • Support for multiple game servers on one host (server can listen of different IPs) (#354)
  • When manually typing a server name, possible to specify port after a colon, for example (#356)
  • Possible to examine items in stores ("I" command) (#209)
  • Possible to manually target grids ("p" command when targetting) (#366)
  • Possible to jam doors with spikes ("j" command)
  • Stealing command (previously "j") disabled.
  • Rubble in the dungeon correctly blocks the players path (#359)
  • Character dumps include a short machine readable prefix on the first line (#370)
  • When saving a macro file, the filename entered is forced to be lowercase (#383)
  • Holding CTRL and pushing numpad direction tunnels in that direction ()
  • Stores can have 4 pages of stock (#109)
  • Aquirement Scrolls can no longer to read in the wilderness (#328)
  • Shop keepers rotate more slowly and discount less often (#407)
  • Artifacts sold to shops vanish instantly (#409)
  • Objects don't vanish from the dungeon floor when the server crashes or is shutdown (#413)
  • Windows client should no longer occasionally lose it's main window off screen (#411)
  • Stone to Mud turns walls in the wilderness into... mud! (#357)
  • Wands of Clone Monster reimplemented (#415)
  • Dropping gold can no longer crash the server (#417)
  • Selling a house now prompt for confirmation (#424)
  • Player killing can only take place if both players agree (#432)
  • Houses are correctly reset on player suicide (#440)
  • Theives can no longer steal "(nothing)"s (#439)
  • Detection correctly detects invisible monsters (#445)
  • Player names restricted to A-Za-z0-0 and space. Prevents several nasty exploits (#453)
  • Small bug in Prison vault fixed (#451)
  • Maximum player weight capped. Prevents serveral exploits (#454)
  • Added a "no ghost" option where death is permanent and gives a 50% score bonus (#199)
  • Characters stay in the dungeon for a little while when the client quits (again) (#458)
  • The Examine ("I") command output tidied up (#449)
  • Unindentified and indentified ammo should stack correctly (#462)
  • Chaos resistance no longer gives confusion resistance. It does protect against becoming confused by a chaos attack however. (#464)
  • Throwing potions at your own house door will colour it (#467)
  • Character screen correctly resets flags on resurrection (#470)
  • Minor bug fix in admin console (#473)
  • \e in macros only clears the queue on it's first occurance. (#202)
  • ESP now has a limited range (as per Angband 3.0.6) and wierd mind creatures are detected slightly differently (#218)
  • Wands are no longer destroyed if recharging fails, instead they are drained of all charges (#206)
  • Advanced character resistance display implemented in the character info screen (as per vanilla Angband) (#115)

MAngband Version 1.0.0 alpha (11th Dec 2007)

This was the last version where the server was compatible with older (0.7x) clients.

The history of this version can be divided into three distinct stages.

Changes taken from Ironman MAngband

  • Support for native Windows server (which doesn't depend on the Cygwin emulation layer. [13], [14]
  • Fix: Praying the same prayer with lowercase and uppercase letter awarded exp twice. [18]
  • Fix: Client IPs were always resolved as [19]
  • Update to Angband 3.0.6 monsters (too many changes to list) and most of their new attacks. [20]
  • Implement an Ironman server mode. [21]
  • Fix: Level deallocator bug causing server data corruption. [22]
  • Fix: Windows client disconnection errors. [23]
  • Fix: Server crashes when receiving an unknown packet. [26]
  • Added server side character dumps. [29]
  • Breeders don't give experience anymore. [33]
  • Added plain text (pseudo XML) save files for server and player saves [34].
  • Fix: Windows client would eventually crash due to running out of GDI resources. [38]
  • Added support for special pre-designed levels which are loaded from text files at runtime. [34]
  • Prevent recall and stair down insta-death from hounds by removing all hounds from the recall/stair point. [41] [48]
  • Update spells/mana gained per level to Angband 3.0.6 levels. [42] [44]
  • Update failure rates to Angband 3.0.6 levels. [45]
  • Update hit points per level to Angband 3.0.6 levels. [46]
  • Added Priest Spell, "Alter Reality" [49]
  • Added level feelings when a level is generated. [50]
  • Added a "Character History" feature which logs important events in a characters life and records them in the dump. [51]
  • Fix: Item cloning/infinite gold exploit with rods. [52] [54]

Changes prior to the formation of the MAngband Project Team.

  • Added option to disable stealing
  • Added "examine" command (I) to examine items previously identified
  • Maxed stats display in a different colour
  • Added "player begins a new game" message broadcast
  • Added "player has attained level x" message broadcast
  • Support for stores with more than 24 items in their inventory
  • Fix: Correctly displays spell books with fewer spells than previously displayed book.
  • Stores generally refresh faster and stock more
  • New vanilla items and their abilities (too many changes to list)
  • Support (not activated) for randarts
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary stats are forced to certain minimum requirements when creating a new character. (17, 16 & 15)
  • Ironman is now a server option, no longer a separate variant.
  • Houses in town are much more expensive than those in the wilderness
  • Each player can kill each unique only once.
  • Effect of INT/WIS on spell fail rates reduced, as per vanilla.
  • [dev] Much removal of hardcoded values from the magic system, being replaced by constant names.
  • Running is always allowed in town and not interupted.
  • Items uniques drop are inscribed with the uniques name.
  • Fix: Don't allow breeders in the wilderness
  • Fix: Mage exploit to refill mana

Changes after the formation of the MAngband Project Team

  • Number of townies in town limited to 100. (#40)
  • DM menu to create items. (#102)
  • Tree's can no longer get out of hand in the town. (#104)
  • No longer possible to become "stuck" on a floating eye. (#30)
  • Tough townies wander around and don't attack the player unless provoked. (Saves on low level newbie deaths to townies) (#34, #40)
  • \e in macros has never cleared the command buffers, it does now. (#35)
  • The admin "console" application has been removed completely (#37)
  • When saving macros they no longer append to the end of the existing file instead they simply overwrite it. (#47)
  • The meta server always lists the offical MAngband server first and rejects any servers which try to register as an IP. (#75)
  • Added a single window client version (SDL) where all terms are combined into a single display (with fullscreen option) (#116)
  • The maximum price which shops buy items for has been reduced to Angband 3.0.6 levels. (#193)
  • Artifacts can no longer be dropped, except at death. (#194)
  • Temple (4) gives a little gold when players resurrect there. (#201)
  • All forms of Detection now detect invisible monsters (#163)
  • Rods can no longer be recharged. (#206)
  • Priest/Paladin spells updated to Angband 3.0.6. Details of the more major changes follow:
  • Priest Spell: Earthquake, monsters are always killed if hit by falling rock. (#146)
  • Priest Spell: Cure Mortal Wounds, reduced effect to heal 8d10, cure stunning and all cuts. (#148)
  • Priest Spell: Dispel Undead, damage reduced to 1 to 3*player_level.
  • Notice that previously it always did max damage of n*player_level now it is a random range. (#151)
  • Priest Spell: Dispel Evil, damage reduced as per Dispel Undead. (#153)
  • Priest Spell: Holy Word, the Dispel Evil component of this spell has it's damage reduced (#155)
  • Priest Spell: Teleport Level, no longer available in Ironman mode. (#159)
  • Priest Spell: Ironmen who win, can recall. (#160)
  • Priest Spell: Alter Reality, can no longer cast in the wilderness. (#161)
  • Priest Spell: Detect Monsters, was named Detect Creatures. (#162)
  • Priest Spell: Detection, also detects invisible monsters like Q's. This effects all forms of Detection not just this spell (#163)
  • Priest Spell: Probing, no longer only works for monsters in sight, but instead works for a range around the player. (#165)
  • Priest Spell: Banish Evil, was named Banishment (#176)
  • Priest Book: Purifications and Healing now contains the spells Cure Serious Wounds, Cure Mortal Wounds and Healing which are different to the previous spells even if they share the same name. (#205)
  • Orb of Draining base fail rate increased slightly. (#207)
  • Cure Critical Wounds base fail rate reduced slightly. (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast Glyph of Warding (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast Holy Word (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast Clairvoyance (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast P&H: Healing (which was called Extra Healing) (#207)
  • Paladins cast Restoration at level 45 not level 40 (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast Rememberance (#207)
  • Paladins WoG Dispel Undead base fail rate increases slightly (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast WoG Dispel Evil (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast WoG Annihilation (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast Dispel Curse (#207)
  • Paladins can no longer cast Alter Reality (#207)
  • Fix #4: Passwords are no longer stored in plain text.
  • Fix #7: Pseudo ID prefixes to existing insciptions.
  • Fix #17: Server was broken on 64 bit hardware (amd64).
  • Fix #20: Prevent another item cloning/infinite gold exploit.
  • Fix #25: Resolves the "melee bug", where players get "stuck" in melee.
  • Fix #44: Server crashed when we run out of inscriptions.
  • Fix #47: When saving macros, the entire file is replaced rather than appended to.
  • Fix #67: Prevent townies entering the tavern.
  • Fix #70: Don't display certain status message changes when you are dead.
  • Fix #73: bind_name functions in the config file.
  • Fix #81: Incorrect distance calculations. Resolves "genocide bug".
  • Fix #83: Repair some broken vaults.
  • Fix #84: Character history could run out of space.
  • Fix #85: Cursed kolla's incorrectly had good bonuses.
  • Fix #86: Dropping items on death no longer leaves the ghost encumbered.
  • Fix #88: Istari's now always have positive pluses to hit and dam.
  • Fix #92: DM "Summon specific" command is now less specific.
  • Fix #98: Acquirement scrolls were completely broken. Now they correctly generate an item based upon 500ft below the level where you read.
  • Fix #111: Text could be displayed incorrectly when quickly swapped screens
  • Fix #113: PVP attacking fails sometimes depending on party status.
  • Fix #195: Artifacts could become "lost" from the game in some situations.
  • Fix #208: Unidentified ammo no longer stacks with identified ammo.

Here is the earlier version history, starting at 0.7.2

	----- MAngband 0.7.2a released -----
	Changed 0 exp character joins to say "begins a new game" 
	  so that they won't be picked up by client color-coding
	fixed client word-wrap.
	fixed client privmsg word wrap
	impoved win32 client color coding (thanks to Berendol)
	fixed horrible bug in DM commands that re-enabled them (?!)
	latency measurements changed to be more consistant
	"last chance" latency recovery added
	no longer report level 1 suicides.


	Where to even begin.

	"Half Connected" bug fixed
	throwing "nothings" bug fixed.
	firing "nothings" bug fixed.
	Checknames now checkes machine@ip to determine dups
	Brought back Battle Scared Vets. (yeay)
	Many vaults fixed (Thanks to Jube/Maegdae/Ashiki)
	players can no longer close doors they're standing on.
	Ghosts can no longer go down.  This is reversible in 
	    src/server/cmd1.c (do_cmd_down).
	Fixed keys, artifacts getting "lost"
	Players no longer drop keys on death.  Instead, the Ghost
	    carries that singular item.
	auto_scum now reflects user preference.
	maximize mode forced on.
	players can no longer close doors when other players are
	    standing on them.
	cfg_adm_wizard and cfg_dungeon_master combined.
	(adingle) heal_other added as a projectable spell
	scheduler fixed to skip disconnecting players during
	    the turn they disconnect.
	food no longer consumed in/around town.
	scheduler fix to skip empty levels during processing
	cave_bold check added in scatter to avoid blowing up
	    when the player can't see.
	many changes to netserver.c to support latency reporting
	fixed bug where differently charged ego items could stack
	fixed bug where upstairs created in town/wilderness
	fixed bug where downstairs created in wilderness
	disabled clone_monster above level 10 (abuse)
	disabled creating traps in town (abuse)
	added enl pots and heal pots to bm
	increased bm sell prices, decreased sell prices
	increased store magic (slightly)
	(re) added !s as guard inscription against selling
	removed s as a default (*) enscription protection
	(adingle) added support for ./tmp, avoiding /tmp

	added logging for player->player messages (disable in server/util.c)
	(adingle) fixed party vs player msg bug
	added ( (friendly target) announcement and cycling
	recalling no longer resets DM's recall level
	Isuldir changed in price from 50k to 125k
	Rohirrim changed in price from 30k to 130k
	Celegorm changed in price from 12k(!) to 120k
	Resistance armor changed in price from 10k(!) to 50k
	elvenkind armor changed in price from 15k(!) to 150k
	Permanence armor changed in price from 30k to 300k
	Resistance shields changed in price from 12,500 to 50k
	Aman changed in price from 4k to 50k
	Resistance cloaks changed in price from 30k to 50k
	Agillity gloves changed in price from 1k to 10k
	Gloves of Power changed in price from 2,500 to 25k
	Istari gloves changed in stats from -5,-5 to 5,5 (BUGFIX)
	Gloves of FA changed in price from 2,000 to 1,500
	Potions of speed changed in price from 75 to 1500
	    (in combination with being in BM..)
	P&H had inverted price with HI, P&H moved from 100k to 50k
	.... HI moved from 50k to 100k

	Fixed a glitch that was preventing the server from dumping core
		when it crashed.
	Fixed a bug that was crashing the server when a private message
		was sent out that matched the names of multiple parties of
		people in game.	

	----- MAngband 0.7.0 released -----

	Made healing potions more expensive.
	Priests now start with a potion of cure critical wounds instead of
		a potion of healing.
	*ID* scrolls are now sold in the black market.
	Fixed the "repeating twice" party messaging bug.

	Fixed a bug which would very rarely crash the server when ghostly
		powers were used.
	Added the option NO_STEAL to mangband.cfg which disables stealing
		from other players.

	Applied Toshi Tanaka's patch to prevent the client from freezing 
		on startup on machines without DNS.
	Applied Lee's patch which adds the config option REPORT_ADDRESS to
		mangband.cfg. This option lets you set the hostname to send to
		the metaserver.  This is useful if your IP has more than one
		domain ascociated with it.
	Fixed a problem that was causing players with lots of packet loss
		to drop.

	Level 0 (town) monsters no longer disturb running.


	Healing potions are now sold in the BM. (thanks to Crimson's patch)
	Fixed a bug in r_info.txt that was causing multiple Morgoths to


	Made it so unresolved messages no longer bounce back to the sender.
		(thanks to Crimson's patch)


	Fixed some portability problems in init2.c, replacing the use of 
		strsep with strtok.

8/08/00: Crimson (

        Added SO_REUSEADDR so the server doesn't hang on startup
	Shop 4 will now (properly ) buy any Blessed Weapon.

	Fixed a bug that caused the server to crash when destroying items.

	Fixed a bug that was preventing detected monsters from disapearing after
		the player finished detecting them.
	Fixed a bug that prevented the server from instantly restarting after
		it crashed.
	Fixed a bug in clearing out wilderness houses that would crash the
		server under the right circumstances.

        Fixed another bug that caused the game to freeze when someone tried to
		log back into an unstaticed level.

	----- MAngband 0.7.0-beta released -----

	Fixed a bug that caused a player to become a *KING* after killing Sauron,
		and revised the winning code to make anyone >= level 40 in the same
		party and on the same level as the killer of Morgoth a *KING*.
	Added a retire timer option to mangband.cfg, RETIRE_TIMER.  Setting this 
		option will cause a player to be automatically retired after
		the specified number of minutes of play since winning the game.
	Made it so that people who are't total winners can't wield Grond or
		the Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth.
	Increased the weight of the Massive Iron Crown of Morgoth from 2 to 20 
	Disabled the prayer alter reality until later when I have time to fix it.
	Revised the pricing and rarities of the deep books so that the deepest
		deep books worth more money and easier to find.
	Reworked the code so that types of items can be created that
		instrinsically have ego powers, and that when excellent can
		have additional independent ego powers.
		Example : An Orcish Shield intrinsically gives 1d2 STR and CON.
		When a shield of the Avari, it will additionally give 1d2 CON.
		An Orcish Shield of the Avari (+1) (+2) will therefore have two
		independent ego bonuses -- +1 STR,CON from the shield and +2 CON from the
		Avari ego, and will therefore give +1 STR and +3 CON when worn. 
	Made feather falling give resistance to gravity attacks.
	Made Defenders no longer give feather falling.
	Made holy avenger weapons additionaly give slay orc and slay troll.
	Amulets of the magi have been given a random high resist and made rarer
		at deeper depths than they were previously.
	Some new items have been added to the game : amulet of the
		Moon, amulet of Terken, amulet of Speed, Kolla (a type of cloak), Witan Boots,
		Orcish Shield and Elven Gloves.  Also, some new types of ego armor have been
		added : shield of the Avari, cloak of Resistance, cloak of the Teleri, cloak of
		Lordly Resistance, missile weapon of Lothlorien, missile weapon of the Numenor, 
		boots of Mirkwood, and gloves of the Istari.  

	The client, server, and console networking code has been rewritten.
		All communications between the client, server, and console now
		use TCP.  The old code was using a guarenteed delivery
		transmittion scheme piggybacked on top of UDP to transmit all
		the game data.  TCP not surprisingly appears to do a better job
		of this.
	A proper command queue has been added for each player.  When the server
		receives an "important" command from a player and the player
		doesn't have enough energy to execute it, the command will be
		added to the command queue.  Any pending commands on the queue
		are executed in order as soon as the player gets enough energy
		to execute them.
	The time system has been revised so that resting rates and spell durations
		scale to the speed of the level a player is on.
	The autoattacker has been changed to be more intelligent in selecting
		its target.  It has also been changed to take effect as soon
		as possobile.
	In order to make game motion more smooth, the game's FPS has been increased
		by a factor of 5 and the other game constants scaled accordingly.
	Changed the mage spell GOI so that it lasts longer but doesn't stack.

	Fixed some minor bugs relating to the door_bump_open option.

	Fixed a bug that caused the game to freeze for a bit when people 
		exited a level, it unstaticed, and they came back into rock.

	----- MAngband 0.6.1 released -----

4/27/00: Fixed a bug that was causing the game to freeze when trying to generate
		 a lake adjacent to town.

4/19/00: Fixed a pricing bug that was causing charisma not to be taken into 
		account when buying very expensive houses.
	 Patched the client and server to support dropping more than 32767
		gold in one square.
	 Added a newbies_cannot_drop option to mangband.cfg which when enabled
		will prevent level one characters from dropping items or gold.
	 Added a secret_dungeon_master option to mangband.cfg which when enabled
		prevents the game from telling the players about the dungeon
		master, and does not display the dungeon master on the
		server's metaserver listing.
	 Added a mangconsole option to reload mangband.cfg.

4/18/00: Finished making it so that if a player logs out on a dungeon level and
		it unstatics, he will be on the new dungeon level when he comes
		back in. 

4/8/00:  Added an option door_bump_open to mangband.cfg  When enabled the game
		 will automatically try to open a door when it is bumped into.  

3/11/00: Cleaned up the unique respawn code a bit.
	 Added unique respawn time options to mangband.cfg.
	 Added a level unstaticer, which randomly unstatics levels.
		 The chance of a level unstaticing is inversly proportional to
		 its depth.  The base chance of a level unstaticing can be set
		 in mangband.cfg.

3/5/00:  Added a mangband.cfg file which contains many options formerly
		located in config.h.  This should be a big help to all
		those who run mangband servers but can't recompile their

3/3/00:  Simplified the mangband directory structure to lib/data, lib/game,
	 	lib/text, lib/save, and lib/user.
	 Removed the game template binary caches, since parsing the game
		templates takes a trivial amount of time on any modern

>>>>>>> 1.15
2/5/00:	 Made death terminate WOR spells.
	 Increased the store max prices by 25x in the BM and 15x everywhere

2/1/00:  Fixed a bug that allowed people to break into houses by surrounding
		the target house with doors and entering from an adjacent
		wilderness level.

1/30/00:  Added Chris Atenasio's vault fixes.  Huge vaults should now
		be clipped to the edge of the level, instead of crashing the

1/11/00: Fixed a nasty bug that allowed people to earthquake in town.
		 This is too nasty a bug to leave in an 'official' release, so
		 I am releasing a revision 2 mangband-060-rev2.src.tar.gz.
	----- MAngband 0.6.0 released -----
	Fixed mangconsole authentication : it now takes a password defined
		in config.h as CONSOLE_PASSWORD.  A bonus of this fix is 
		that mangconsole can now be used remotely.
	Made it so that retiring winners receive a 10 million experience
		point bonus for having sucessfully completed the game.
	Fixed a bug that caused genocide to genocide all the monsters of
		the specified type on all the levels, not just the casters
	Handled 'retiring' on the high score list properly.
	Changed it so that when a players password is entered,  it is masked
		with the letter 'x' instead of being displayed directly.
	Players now have the regions surrounding town "memorized".  They also
		start with these areas already mapped out on their wilderness 
	Fixed an earthquake near town bug.
	Removed some code that was preventing Sauron and Morgoth from 

	Revised the wilderness close to town.  Made many more for sale houses,
	and occasional moats on large houses.  Large buildings are spread out,
	while cheap buildings are clustered together.

	Made the houses outside of town bigger.
	Changed the pricing on houses outside of town.
	Made it so wasteland, swamps, etc won't show up near town very often.
	Made it so earthquake can't be cast within 2 levels of town in the 

	Fixed the sell 0 bug, and disabled searching mode speeding up 
	This file is updated.

(versions .0.5.4D to .0.5.7)

Note -- During this time I (Alex Dingle) have taken over the role of maintainer
from Keldon Jones.  I haven't been keeping a changelog up to now, so the
changes listed below are not in chronological order.  This list of changes is
probably incomplete.

Server changes:

	No more duplicate keys.
	Houses are much cheaper.
	Houses can now be sold.  To sell a house, use the h command
		on it.  (As if you were trying to buy it again)
	The contents of a house now disapear when the last key is
	Party members can see each other behind corners, sort of like ESP.
	Party members will "miss" each other with spells and projectiles.
	The party XP algorithm has been revised to give more XP to 
		lower level characters.
	Many mage spells, such as confuse monster, polymorph monster, 
		frost bolt, fire bolt, etc now affect other players.
	Gave some heal other prayers.  Made some priest prayers
		(rememberence, restoration) affect other players.
	Rogues now get +1 speed at levels 5,20,35, and 50.
	Rogues get backstab on fleeing monsters and cruel stab on
		sleeping monsters.
	Rogues have 'stealth mode' -- go into searching mode to activate it.
	SP regenerate 3/5 times faster.
	Added selectable recall depths -- to select your recall depth inscribe

		your scroll/book/rod @Rdepth_in_feet.  For example, to recall to
		1500 feet inscribe your recall scroll @R1500.
	Added several administration characters -- ADMIN_WIZARD and 
		DUNGEON_MASTER.  These characters will proably be combined
		in the future.  Their names are defined in config.h
	Added wilderness.
	Added a wilderness map.
	Added light stacking.  Your helm of light will now increase your light
	Levels are now saved upon server exits.
	Players now "remember" their memory of their current level when they
		exit the game and come back in.
	Respawning uniques have been added, from the Japanese server patch.
	Several important bug fixes, such as one that was making MAngband
		utlize 99% of the CPU under certain conditions, and the
		"disapearing party after server reset" bug.
	Removed "max number of players from 1 IP address" restriction.
	A whole list of ! inscription commands has been added by Crimson.
		To guard against dropping something, inscribe it !d, to guard 
		against quaffing something, inscribe it !q, etc.  Inscribing 
		something !* will include most of the ! commands.

	You no longer have to type :: to talk to everyone in the game.

	Added the 100+ vaults from ZAngband.  If you don't like these
		vaults, replace lib/edit/v_info.txt with the old
		file and remove lib/data/v_info.raw if neccecary.

	Added scrolls of life which ressurect ghosts that are adjacent to the
		player who is reading the scroll.  Scrolls of life also restore
		the XP of whoever is reading them.  They can be bought in the

	The server will now log you out if you are at full hitpoints and begin
		starving to death.  This should help prevent afk (away from
		keyboard) deaths.

	An "instant reconnect" feature has been added by Crimson.  When
		you exit the game, and your character has not timed out,
		you can "instantly reconnect" and regain control of your

	The game exiting timeout has been reduced from 30 to 15 seconds.
Client changes: 
	Added a friendly target key which targets the most wounded party
		member: '('.
	Made the client much more bulletproof to corrupted packets.  This
		greatly reduce the number of buffer dumps.
	Added some special priest/palidan heal other prayer keys.  When
		casting a healing spell, to try to cast it on other players,
		capitalize the prayer letter.  For example, to cast cure light
		wounds on another player type in paB instead of pab.  This only 
		works with some of the healing prayers.
	Added dungeon master command list key: '&'.  (You must be the
		dungeon master for this to do anything.)

	----- MAngband 0.5.4 released -----

	Removed much old crufty code, mainly related to user interface
		stuff in the server.
	Ghosts can no longer switch places with other players.
	Messages have been redone again.  If a message begins with part
		of any player's or party's name, followed by a colon,
		then the message will be sent to just that player or
		party.  Note that this differs from the old method
		in that only *part* of the name needs to be written.
	Added a small hack to the client that may help with some
		connection problems, but will break graphics.  See the
		explanation of BREAK_GRAPHICS in config.h.

	Monsters will now attack the weakest of two or more players who
		are equally distant from it, rather than a random player.
	Trees will now occasionally grow in the town at random places.
	The monster health bar will now show the health of players as

	Ghosts now teleport away when they die, and ghosts are allowed
		to teleport into walls.
	Put the Angband options interface in.  Options can now be sent
		to the server after the client has started.
	Added a suicide command 'Q'.  Players who commit suicide will
		not drop their gold or items.
	Added hacks to main-win.c that were necessary to re-enable the
		menu support and graphics.
	All player-player damage has been reduced by a factor of 3.
	Changed call to "usleep" in the client to use the delay provided
		by the system-specific main-xxx file.
	Changed "Detect Monsters" to "Detect Creatures" so that it will
		detect both players and monsters.  Also, Detect Invisible
		will detect player ghosts.
	Changed update_players so that it works like update_monsters and
		calculates player visibility.
	Efficiency improvements by chopping excessive calls of the
		update_view() function.
	Multi-hued monsters should shimmer better now.
	Various clean-ups of some old server code.
	Increased the size of the object and monster lists so that
		compaction should not occur as frequently.

	Increased some constants in the dungeon generation functions so
		that some rarely reported crashes should not occur.

	The auto-retaliate function will now also attack players.
	Added a "steal" command (j).  Every player can steal, but only
		rogues are very good at it.  Chance to succeed is based
		on both thief's and target's DEX, and chance to be
		noticed is based on thief's stealth and target's INT.

	Messages have been redone a bit.  Sending a message to a person
		is no longer case-sensitive.  By default, a message
		is only sent to people on the current dungeon depth.
		"Broadcast" messages to everyone may be done either by
		beginning the message with a colon or by "All:".  You
		can also send messages to a party the same way as to a
		single person.

	Added color to the player list: red for players you are hostile
		to, blue for players in your party, green for yourself,
		and white for everyone else.

	Have the server use a case-insensitive name check to determine
		whether or not to allow commands from a remote console.

	----- MAngband 0.5.3 released -----

	Allow multiple players with a username of "mangband" from the
		same machine (for the people who telnet in).
	Make a player automatically hostile toward another if they are
		hit by a spell by a player that is hostile toward them.
	Redraw the spot a player sits in when he is killed to show that
		he has been changed into a ghost.

	Added several patches for house keys and house management in
	Added code to expire old parties that were owned by ghosts who
		later died.
	Added desperate hack to prevent several types of crashes that
		occur when a player issues a command just as he is
		recalling into the dungeon.
	Fixed problems with client hanging during lots of spell/arrow
		animation by speeding up such animations by quite a bit.

	Fixed the appearance of lag if heavy use is made of running over
		and over again in the same direction.
	Even more paranoia checks have been added to the panic-saver.

	The server's panic-save code is more robust and should be less
		prone to itself having crashes.
	Fixed several ghost bugs.  Now when a ghost dies he leaves his
		party correctly and any uniques he killed as a ghost are
		resurrected.  Also, ghosts that resurrect should be able
		to pick up the correct number of items again.  Ghosts in
		walls can now be attacked by monsters with melee.
	Fixed potential bugs with artifact and dragon scale mail
	Stone to Mud now changes the cave feature from the stone floor
		to the dirt terrain type (found in Town).
	Stone to Mud no longer affects trees, but fire now does (and
		also burns grass).

	I was (foolishly) using the reported hostname instead of IP
		address to deny two characters from the same machine at

	Fixed bug with spells and buffers that some people experience.

	Fixed bug causing race/class pref files to not be automatically
		loaded by the client at startup.
	Players now have a list of parties and/or players that they are
		hostile toward, and this is used to determine whether
		a player attacks or bumps into another.  This list can
		be modified with the 'P' (party) command.

	----- MAngband 0.5.2 released -----

	Added necessary hacks for getting the client compiled under
	Fixed the stat ordering bug again, as I managed to put it back
	The client now reads defaults for the nickname and password
		from the .mangrc or mangband.ini file if available.

	The object and monster compaction routines have been enhanced,
		and are called more often, to prevent newly generated
		dungeon levels from being scrapped as often.
	Newly dropped objects should no longer be visible to everyone.
	Detect traps will now work better for the second player to cast
		it on a dungeon panel.
	Emptying a wand or staff now resends your inventory so you can
		see that it is empty.

	You can no longer destroy cursed equipped items.
	Fixed small English mistake in party code.
	Fixed sometimes-fatal bug in the spell code.

	Capitalized the second word of "Dwarven Lantern" and "Feanorian
	Fixed bug where silver jelly's "dim light" attack would cause a
		message when wielding the new permanent light sources.

	----- MAngband 0.5.1 released -----

	Revamped the speed system to vary according to the depth the
		player/monster is at.
	Made the player ghosts' "Blink" ability a level 1 one.
	Added a rather hackish fix to the "inventory shift" due to
		reading the last Identify scroll, causing the wrong item
		to be often identified.
	Fixed an elusive bug causing the objects in Town to disappear
		after the server was quit and restarted.
	Firing a bow while confused will now result in a random direction
		being chosen.
	The server now denies a client request if someone else from that
		hostname with the same username is already on.  This will
		prevent some ugly player farming techniques.
	Make resting regenerate hit points and mana 3 times as fast as
		normal now (used to be twice as fast).

	Fixed bugs regarding house ownership due to duplicate keys.
	Tweaked store inventories a little.  The General Store will now
		carry more arrows and bolts, but no spikes.  The
		Alchemist will carry more enchant weapon/armor scrolls,
		but no scrolls of detect traps, stairs, or treasure.
	Added two new objects: Dwarven lanterns and Feanorian lamps,
		which give permanent radius 2 or 3 light, respectively.
		They are fairly deep and somewhat rare.  Look for a blue
		tilde (~).

	Fixed bug in stat ordering.
	Fixed bug where infra-vision could be used to see players
		behind walls.
	Allow house owners to duplicate their keys by paying another
		10 percent of the house purchase price.
	Make house keys un-stealable, un-destroyable, and un-sellable.

	If a house-owner dropped his key and picked it back up, the
		house would be marked as "unowned", letting others
		buy the house and taking the items inside.

	Put checks on ghosts so that they can't go up from Town, or
		down from the lowest dungeon level.

	----- MAngband 0.5.0 released -----

	Player ghosts can now use a small set of ghost powers, their
		melee attack damage is now based on their level, and
		the also have the ability to terrify players or
		monsters with their melee attacks.

	Fixed up running while a ghost.
	Fixed small bug causing players to not see monsters when they
		enter the game.
	Made players become unparalyzed, unpoisoned, unstunned, etc.
		when they die.

	Fixed some bugs regarding player inventory when they die.

	When players die, they become ghosts, which can walk through
		walls, but cannot interact with objects.  When a ghost
		dies, it is gone forever.

	Your location is now saved in your savefile, so quitting while
		in the dungeon is not a viable method of Word of Recall

	The remote console can now be used to kick players from the game.
	The server now saves its savefile at regular intervals.
	Added much more functionality to the remote console.

	Began implementation of a seperate server console program, so
		that control of the server can be done without requiring
		that the server have its own terminal.

	Included patch by Hao Chen ( to fix various network
		problems when running on Digital UNIX.

	Now, when a player dies, all entries in the hash table with
		his name will be removed, instead of just one.  This
		protects against server crashes, etc.
	Added a help command, '?', which displays a help file stored
		on the server.

	----- MAngband 0.4.2 released -----

	Put a metaserver interface in the client, so the player can
		choose a server from a menu.
	Removed some superfluous server debugging output.
	Fixed bug in client causing junk characters to be printed
		at the end of every line in the metaserver output.

	Modified the server and client to accept the player's name
		and password on startup, thus scrapping the need
		for the old .mangrc file.

	Fixed bug that would cause a crash if an earthquake occured.

	Macros such as "*tmaa" should now work if the "use_old_target"
		option is on.  Also "*tf15" will now work, whether
		"use_old_target" is on or not.  Targetting needs a big
		amount of help....
	Players used to be able to walk several spaces at once if they
		would hold down a movement key, this is no longer
	Inscribing and uninscribing commands take no energy, as they
		seem to be more of "administrative" commands rather
		than action commands.
	The "cast spell" and "pray" commands will now ignore direction
		5 if no target is selected.

	Allow a new "development" string to be appended to the version
		string sent to the metaserver to reflect the new
		auto-patch versions that are available.

	The house buying code now takes the player's CHR into account
		when computing the price.

	Made a couple of bow firing improvements; having "extra shots"
		will allow you to fire with less energy, and firing in
		direction '5' with no target will do nothing.

	----- MAngband 0.4.1 released -----

	Fixed a small display bug in the high score list.
	Took out some of the more verbose debugging output that the
		server has been printing recently.

	Added a hash table to store the names of players who are alive
		at the moment.
	Used that hash table to show the killer of uniques in the
		unique list.
	Re-implemented the high score list.  It can be accessed with
		the new '#' command.
	Prevent yet another server crash cause.  Also, make the signal
		handling code be more paranoid, thus preventing the
		handler from generating a signal, which is very bad.

	Each player is now assigned a unique ID number that is retained
		in his savefile.  This will allow for such things as
		uniques getting regenerated after their killer dies, etc.
	Implemented said feature about uniques being regenerated after
		the player who killed them dies.

	Put in a *real* fix for the disappearing messages bug.  Messages
		that you send that you don't get back within 3 seconds
		will be resent.

	Sleeping monsters that are in sight will no longer stop running.
	Stone to Mud will no longer destroy house doors.
	Passing bad values of your race/class could cause the server to
		get hung in an infinite loop during the character
		creation.  This has been fixed.

	----- MAngband 0.4.0 released -----

	Made houses 1/5 the price that they were.
	Now most commands are cached until the player has enough energy
		to perform them.
	Implemented the "Locate" command ('L').
	You can no longer run if monsters are on the screen.

	Modified that main-gcu.c file to use multiple windows if you
		are running on a screen bigger than 80x25.  I'll also
		submit this to Ben for inclusion in future Angband

	Earthquake and Word of Destruction no longer do anything in town.

	The command cache broke walking cancelling a rest.  I refixed it.
	Someone reported that if the staircase that you are supposed to
		appear at is surrounded by monsters, you might appear
		inside a wall.  This shouldn't happen anymore.

	Added a "command cache" on the server.  It will remember the
		last command that you sent, and if you did not have
		enough energy to execute it, then you will when you do
		gain enough.
	Finished up the house code.  Houses can now be bought, keys will
		allow entry, etc.
	Fixed some annoying visual effects that happened when a player
		disarmed a trap or tunneled through a rubble.  Other
		players would see a dark gray spot left behind.

	Added an object kind "key".

	Fixed problem in the server that woudl cause the server to crash
		if someone with control characters in their nickname
		tried to enter the game.

	A bug in the look code would cause a server crash if you were
		looking at someone when they left the game.
	That patch did not appear to fix the message bug.
	The client will now quit more cleanly if something goes wrong
		during the startup process (wrong password, etc.).
	The server now saves the information about objects in town to
		the savefile, so that houses will be useful.
	Stores will now refresh even if players are in town, and they
		do so twice as often.
	Fixed a bug that could cause artifacts to get lost if they are
		on the ground when the server crashes.

	I believe I've fixed the "disappearing messages" bug.  A client
		patch will be made available.

	Monsters will no longer be placed inside houses.
	Finally fixed the visibility bug that caused treasure to be
		visible when it shouldn't have been.
	Changed the name of the old Home to "the Tavern" under the look

	Trees will no longer be generated next to the streets.
	The stores will all now be in the center of town.

	Had the server resend the spell book info when you gain/lose a
		level (for the updated fail rates).

	Fixed server bug that would cause a crash if someone was trying
		to start running at the moment he recalls down into the

	Updated the client so that it will not busy loop while waiting
		for a response from the server during the login process.

	----- MAngband 0.3.6 released -----

	Added more messages about the activities of other players.

	Hitting ESC at the direction prompt while firing an arrow will
		no longer drop an arrow at your feet.
	Trying to run will cancel resting.

	Made the mini-map run-length encoded, and removed some special
		code to handle older clients that are now too old to
		be used anyway.
	Overly long object names could crash the client when trying to
		look at them.

	Changed the reported spell fail rate to report what the fail
		rate would be if the player has enough mana to cast.
	Changed the reliable data stream code a bit.  Perhaps this
		will alleviate some of the buffer dump problems that
		people would sometimes experience.
	Cleaned up the mini-map usage on the client.  If the command
		to view the map gets lost, hitting ESC will abort.
	Made it impossible to phase door or teleport into a house.
	Tried to make it much more difficult for players to be placed
		on the walls of the Tavern on startup if it was full
		of junk.
	Moved the minimap so that is covers over the "map" part of the
		screen, rather than the part with your stats.
	Now heavy spellcasters like hounds and magic mushroom patches
		shouldn't be quite so deadly.
	Players without lights will now be invisible to players
		without telepathy, if they are not in a lit square or
		within range of infravision.
	Under a windowing system, the message window will now be
		redrawn every time a message comes in, rather than
		only when it is efficient.
	Party names can now be reused if the party is disbanded.

	Fixed a problem with the screen getting corrupted when
		leaving a store after looking at your inventory.
	Fixed yet another problem with wide corridors causing crashes.

	Fixed various problems causing some monsters to get misdrawn.
	The wide corridor code was always making one-width doorways.
	Redid the updating of the monster health bar.  Now it is
		more "correct", and will no longer crash the server
		under certain conditions.

	----- MAngband 0.3.5 released -----

	Added the monster "health-o-meter".
	Fixed the "Detect <foo>" spells.
	Fixed a problem that would sometimes cause the client to
		hang when leaving a store.

	Fixed various problems causing the server to sometimes
		crash (caused by wide corridors).
	The displayed +to-hit and +to-dam have been fixed on the
		character info sheet.

	Changed some buildings to a "forest".

	Changed many of the unused buildings to be eventually used
		as houses.

	Made the town bigger, and added some new terrain types
		such as grass, dirt, trees, and water.

	----- MAngband 0.3.4 released -----

	The character information sheet will now display your
		skills in addition to your history.

	Fixed a problem that caused people to know the names of
		invisible monsters ("the Poltergeist" instead of
	Fixed another bug with the wide corridors that would
		very occasionally crash the server.
	Fixed a missing "break" causing the mage spell "spear of
		light" to also do a "frost bolt".
	Now, arrows, bolts, and thrown objects will continue past
		the target if they miss.
	Fixed *Identify* and Self Knowledge.
	Added a new way of rolling stats.  The user now specifies
		the relative order of importance of his stats,
		and they are sorted according to that order.
	Now both doors in a pair will be the same type.

	Changed the "load pref file" command to a "pref file
		action" command.  This should make it easier to add
		macros, etc. while in the game.  You can still load
		a pref file by doing %:<name of file>.

	Fixed bug causing players to be able to hurt themselves
		with spells (like Stinking Cloud).
	Fixed various problems with the lit squares.  Now grids lit
		by other people's lights are now memorized if they
		are in sight.  Also fixed some object visibility
		problems.  And fixed a problem with the monster

	Fixed the problem with the metaserver (it was my fault).
	Now players will see squares lit by others' lights as
	Added a "send message to every player in the game" command
		at the console (type "message <whatever>").

	----- MAngband 0.3.3 released -----

	Added lots of messages describing other players' actions
		to other (nearby) players.

	Added a mapping for the party commands for use with the
		roguelike keys ('O').

	Fixed the redraw command so that it will actually work.
	Fixed a problem with the wide corridors that would
		occasionally crash the server.
	Added a "player interaction" option, which allows players
		to harm each other with melee, spells, missiles,
		and thrown objects.
	Fixed a problem in sched.c that was causing "sched select
		errors" with errno 9 (at least I think I fixed it).

	Fixed autoretaliate so that it won't attack monsters that
		the player cannot see.

	Fixed another silly big/little endian problem in the
		client.  Somebody hit me.

	Fixed problems with autoretaliate.  It would always deduct
		energy, even if no monsters were nearby, and it
		was able to attack if the player was confused.
	Fixed problem with plusses to hit/damage not getting
		displayed (caused by the bandwidth reduction code).
	Added another patch by Dave Thaler.  This one fixes problems
		in the server's networking code.

	----- MAngband 0.3.2 released -----

	Modified "h-config.h" to reflect the fact that HP-UX has
		the function "usleep()".
	Added a patch by Dave Thaler that should prevent the client
		from eating more CPU time than it should.
	Fixed problem about extra garbage not getting erased in the
		inventory and equipment windows.
	Fixed some problems with the subwindows not getting redrawn
		often enough (while in stores, for example).

	Fixed Donald Sharp's sched.c that allows more than 32 file
		descriptors to be listened to at once.
	Changed the transmission of the map data to be run-length
		encoded, which saves an incredible amount of bandwidth.
	Added some more bandwidth reduction code.  Lots of redudant
		information was being transmitted.
	Fixed problem causing people who cast Word of Recall to be
		trapped in solid granite.

	----- MAngband 0.3.1 released -----

	Added more functions for the client's subwindows.
	Added a pref file for using the subwindows (window.prf).
	Added an incredibly simple "auto-retaliate" feature.  It works
		well, despite its simplicity.
	Changed the info sent to the metaserver to reflect the names
		of the people currently on the server.

	Fixed some more party problems (having to deal with death of
		the owner, etc).
	Fixed the problem with scrolling on the artifact, unique, and
		player lists.
	Fixed problem causing client to crash with overly long party

	Added "remove myself from party" command.
	Did some more work on wide corridors.  They look kinda nice now.

	Added "wide corridor" option.  Still needs some work, though.
	Fixed the stairs problem.

	Fixed pretty bad bug in Genocide causing random monsters to
		be genocided.
	Fixed another couple of genocide bugs, one of which caused
		client crashes.

	----- MAngband 0.3.0 released -----

	Fixed a few party bugs related to experience sharing.
	Put a party front end on the client and added client/server
		communication for same.
	Finally got around to removing those debugging messages
		"Created artifact ??" and "Preserving artifact ??"
	Fixed Genocide (finally), but it will genocide all monsters of
		the same character as the closest to the player, instead
		of allowing the player to choose a character.
	Fixed client crashes due to hallucination and casting Mass

	Changed the player list to show the party each player belongs
		to, and add some extra information about people in
		your party.

	Changed the savefile format to save/load the player's party.
		Old savefiles are still compatible.  The player will
		start as "neutral" (party 0).

	Finished some back-end portions of the party code, including
		the experience sharing algorithm.
	Changed default metaserver address to Timo's machine.

	Fixed some problems with functions being called in the
		wrong order in main() on the client.

	Changed the old "Home" into a "Tavern".  It is now hollow,
		players start inside, and monsters cannot enter.

	----- MAngband 0.2.4 released -----

	Fixed "Prompt before picking things up" option.
	Fixed "Use old target by default" for some things, most
		notably spells/prayers and directional rods.
		However, wands and firing/throwing WILL ask for a
		direction even with this option enabled.
	Fixed "negative stat" problem.

	Fixed bug in character sheet -- class title wasn't correct.

	Made the client transmit the option set and char/attr
		redefinitions to the server.  Many more options work
		now and Windows graphics should also work (but
		that's untested).

	Rearranged the order of function calls in the client.  Things
		work much nicer now.  While reading the Message of
		the Day, you are not in the game (being attacked).

	----- MAngband 0.2.3 released -----

	Added the artifact list ('~'), the unique list ('|'), and the
		player list ('@').

	Added the character sheet command ('C').  Only the history
		is available so far, no skills yet.

	Added "resting".
	Added "positional targetting".

	Made the metaserver address a compile-time option.
	Removed the "p_idx" field from the "cave" array.  We now use
		a negative "m_idx" to mean that a player is in that

	Fixed another problem with the "lite area" spells.
	Fixed another problem causing incorrect stats to be sent to
		the client.

	Fixed annoying "lite room" bug.

	----- MAngband 0.2.2 released -----

	Fixed some bugs with the looking code.
	Fixed inefficency in cave.c.
	Added a redraw command (^R) and fixed many of the redisplay

	Deleted a bunch of nasty server messages that really don't
		tell much.
	Added looking.

	Adding targetting.

	Fixed bug causing stats to be misprinted if you had bonuses to
		them due to equipment.
	Added a command to drop gold.
	Added a "load pref file" command, which should allow people to
		experiment with macros and options while playing the

	Fixed problem with reading multiple-word nicknames in the
		configuration file.
	Fixed bug that probably causes server crashes sometimes when
		people leave the server.
	Fixed price bug when selling multiple items to a store.
	Added firing/throwing.

	Fixed a bug causing a server crash when players tried going up
		or down stairs twice in very rapid sucession (before the
		level got generated).

	----- MAngband 0.2.1 released -----

	Made the server "console" a compile-time option.
	Fixed bug causing a server crash when a monster "destroys" an
		object on the ground by breathing something, such as fire.

	Fixed "Gold Remaining" bug in stores.
	Added a temporary hack to "fix" problems with the map of town not
		being redisplayed after leaving a store.
	Added a patch by Garrett to fix various things with the Windows
	Fixed another big endian/little endian bug.
	Fixed another problem with the sun setting in town.
	Fixed problem causing messages from other players to not appear.
	Fixed problem disallowing the sale of certain objects in stores.
	Fixed stupid bug caused by writing Packet_scanf instead of

	----- MAngband 0.2.0 released -----

	Added stores in town.
	The stores "maintain" themselves every 1000 player turns.
	Fixed some problems with town at night.

	Fixed problem with the multiple configuration blocks in the .mangrc
	Minor changes to the loading of the server savefile.
	Fixed bug allowing players to activate unknown artifacts.
	Added in support for the Windows port.  All the work was done by
		Garrett Pease (
	Fixed "multi-hued-ness" of monsters so that they flicker correctly.

	Implemented a "server savefile".  It hold the uniques that have been
		killed, the artifacts that have been created, the layout of
		the town, and the object flavors.
	Added a server "console", for giving some simple commands to the

	----- MAngband 0.1.5 released -----

	Fixed problem with "project()".  Now player's magic missiles, etc. 
		don't pass through other players.  In fact, they hurt those
	Player's spells no longer hurt other players.

	Messed with the message printing routines.  They should be less
		deadly and annoying now.
	Finally implemented inscribing and uninscribing in the client.  They
		had been in the server since 0.1.0!
	Reimplemented the usage of the {@#} feature in the macros, where # is
		a digit.
	Changed the color of messages sent by players to blue.
	Made running more "correct" when slightly slowed.

	Added a Message of the Day feature.  The server sends the contents
		of its news.txt file to the client for display.  This should
		let server admins tell people about special things in their
	Fixed an annoying "can't-move-in-town" networking bug.

	Fixed bug causing SEGV when player dies in the dungeon (and he is also
		the last person at that depth).

	Added patch from Donald Sharp to allow different blocks in the
		.mangrc file to have different configurations for different
	Increased radius of drops, so that players will drop most (if not all)
		of their stuff on death.

	Included patch by Donald Sharp to implement server logging in

	The server now rejects clients that are too old, and the client will
		recognize this, and tell the user to upgrade.  Also, the client
		prints out more intelligible messages on failure.
	Fixed bug in the client networking code that only appeared on big
		endian machines.

	----- MAngband 0.1.4 released -----

	Added "option.prf", which sets all the options in one convenient

	Fixed small bug in teleport_player_to -- after being teleported, the
		player left a "statue" of himself in his old location.
	Fixed problem with levels staying generated even if nobody was on that
	Rewrote part of the client networking code.  Now the minimap works
		correctly, and annoying buffer dumps should be prevented.

	Slightly better messaging support -- Message that begins with a player
		name and then a colon sends message to only that player.
	Added player switching places code.
	Added the minimap (sorta).  It doesn't work, because there seems to be
		a fatal error in the network protocols.
	Fixed bug with zapping of unidentified rods.
	Fixed confusion bug to prevent silly "You bump into X.  X bumps into
		you." messages, where you are player X.

	Finished adding pref files, so now macros, keymappings, and a few 
		options now work.  Adding support for even more options should
		be fairly simple.

	Fixed unique creation.  Now uniques will be generated.

	Added player drops so that people drop their inventory when they
	Fixed a fatal server bug that happened rarely, having to do with
		updating the viewing area for player just having changed

	Fixed spell updates so that players don't see (untried) right after
		they cast a spell for the first time.

	Added informational messages about the comings and goings of other
	Fixed object visibility bug -- occured when players changed depth.
	Fixed monster generation bug -- now dungeon monsters won't get
		generated in the town.
	Have server deny any spell casting that requires more mana than
	Fix another server infinite loop bug caused by neglecting to compact
		the object list after dungeon level destruction.
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