A simple Vietnamese word segmentation program
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A Vietnamese Word Segmentation program using Neural Network

How to use:

  • Download the source code

  • Change to src folder

  • Put a text file into src folder for segmenting, here I use input.txt

  • Run python3 vietseg.py input.txt output.txt (Yeah, this program use Python3, and Python2 won't work on it, you can fix this, of course)

  • Now you got output.txt which is segmented


Precision, Recall, and F1-measure in the same data as described in this paper:

Run 0: P = 0.9156, R = 0.9294, F = 0.9225
Run 1: P = 0.9015, R = 0.9183, F = 0.9099
Run 2: P = 0.9189, R = 0.9327, F = 0.9258
Run 3: P = 0.9208, R = 0.9339, F = 0.9273
Run 4: P = 0.9166, R = 0.9295, F = 0.9230
Avg.   P = 0.9147, R = 0.9288, F = 0.9217

And here is the best performance in the paper:

P = 94.00, R = 94.45, F = 94.23

The program use some random shuffers, so your result may not be the same as mine.

Train the model yourself:

  • Get the data (see links below) and put in the dat folder

  • Change working directory to src folder

  • Run python3 word2vec.py to get vectorized words for our segmenting model using Word2Vec library (Word2Vec itself is a neural network)

  • Run python3 learn.py to really train the segmenting model

  • Run python3 performace.py for examining the peformance of the model

  • Now you can use python3 vietseg.py <input file> <output file> as described above

Data for training model:

  • Vietnamese corpus:

  • Vietnamese IOB training data:

    • File: trainingdata.tar.gz
    • Untar and put 10 files: test1.iob2 -> test5.iob2, train1.iob2 -> train5.iob2 to dat folder, along with VNESEcorpus.txt

Future works:

  • Speed up the network
  • Use a professional deep learning package (Theano, Caffe, etc)
  • Train the model with bigger corpus and training data file, like these
  • Deal with uppercase characters
  • Build a web app


This program use some code from wendykan and mnielsen. View the source code for detail.

Similar programs:

Last words:

sophisticated algorithm ≤ simple learning algorithm + good training data