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A simple browser client for the Nextcloud Passwords app
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This WebExtension is a client for the Passwords app for Nextcloud for Firefox and Chromium based browsers.

Passwords always at hand

By clicking on the "Passwords"-icon, you will be presented with the login data that matches the current website. The desired user account can easily be inserted into existing login forms with one click. Alternatively, you can also copy the password to the clipboard.

Keep your passwords up-to-date

New and updated passwords will be detected automatically and can be saved to Nextcloud.

Integrated Search

If you are unable to find a user account, the practical search function is guaranteed to help you.

Firefox for Android

The client for Nextcloud Passwords is optimized for mobile devices and also works with Firefox for Android.


This extension requires a server on which Nextcloud with the Passwords App is installed. Nextcloud can be downloaded for free from the Nextcloud website. The Passwords App can be downloaded for free from the Github Repository.



See contributing.

Notes for AMO reviewers
  1. This extension uses Vue.js, jQuery, UglifyJS and webpack
  2. This extension and all required software is available for free
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