An implementation of MobileOrg for the Android platform
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MobileOrg 2.0

A new implementation of MobileOrg, an Org mode app for Android.

The app is under heavy refactoring and is not out yet: a first release should be out in the following weeks.

Current features

  • Modern design using Android’s Material Design guidelines
  • Automatic Git synchronization (via SSH and HTTP). Access to the raw files in case of conflict to solve.
  • Independent of Emacs: it is no longer required to use it in conjunction with Emacs.
  • Agenda view and Todo list view generated from the org files.
  • Folding of items and sub-items.

Upcoming features

  • Item management: reordering of items by swiping them
  • Share files button
  • Agenda notifications


See Android-Studio setup if you want to build the project.


Here are a few screenshots of the current state of the app.

Main menu

File view with 3 states: folded, children only and expanded


Children only


The TODO view