An implementation of MobileOrg for the Android platform

MobileOrg 2.0

A new implementation of MobileOrg, an org mode parser for Android.

The app is under heavy refactoring and is not out yet (a first release should be out in the following weeks).

Current features

  • Modern design using Android new Material Design guidelines
  • Automatic Git synchronization (via SSH and HTTP). Access to the raw files in case of conflict to solve.
  • Independant of Emacs: it is no longer required to use it in conjonction with Emacs.
  • Agenda view and Todo list view generated from the org files.
  • Folding of items and sub-items.

Upcoming features

  • Item management: reordering of items by swiping them
  • Share files button
  • Agenda notifications


See Android-Studio setup if you want to build the project.


Here are a few screenshots of the current state of the app.

Main menu

File view with 3 states: folded, children only and expanded


Children only


The TODO view