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Java Parser and Abstract Syntax Tree

This package contains a Java 1.8 Parser with AST generation and visitor support.

The AST records the source code structure. You can analyze source code for any purpose. It is possible to change the AST nodes or create new ones to modify the source code.

When you need not only the text from the source code but you also need type information, you can use the Java Symbol Solver project.

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  • Light weight
  • Performant
  • Easy to use
  • Modifiable AST
  • Code generation
  • Support of comments

Dependency Management

The project binaries are available in Maven Central. Just add the following to your maven configuration or tailor to your own dependency management system.

Please refer to the Migration Guide when upgrading from 2.5.1


If you would like to create visitors by generating code or are interested in how code generation can be done, take a look at:


How To Compile Sources

If you have checkout the project from GitHub you can build the project with maven using:

mvn clean install

If you checkout the sources and want to view the project in an IDE, it is best to first generate some of the source files; otherwise you will get many compilation complaints in the IDE. (mvn clean install already does this for you.)

mvn javacc:javacc


Examples of how to use the library can be found on the Manual page of the wiki


First try the wiki.

Didn't find an answer? Try searching for existing issues

Still nothing? Open an issue or come chat on Gitter


The libraries javadoc can be found here


This parser is based on work by Sreenivasa Viswanadha and Júlio Vilmar Gesser. The original project, now inactive, was originally hosted at Google Code and supported only parsing Java 1.5.

The project now supports parsing Java 1.8 and aims to continue support for features in future versions of the Java language.

Related projects

JavaSymbolSolver is a project from the same committers working on JavaParser. You can use it to calculate the type of JavaParser expressions and connecting references with their declarations.

From JavaParser other projects have been derived:


This project has been maintained thanks to the joint efforts of many contributors: we are extremely grateful to all of them.

In particular we are thankful to the contributions we received by the Walkmod project which permitted to finalize support for Java 8. The author granted us the permissions to release that code also under the Apache License and we have greatly appreciated that.


JavaParser is available either under the terms of the LGPL License or the Apache License. You as the user are entitled to choose the terms under which adopt JavaParser.

For details about the LGPL License please refer to LICENSE.LGPL.

For details about the Apache License please refer to LICENSE.APACHE.