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Mattermod CircleCI

Auto-generates responses to GitHub issues and pull requests on mattermost/mattermost-server repository using the mattermod GitHub account.

Configuration file

To make changes to the messages simply add the appropriate "Label" / "Message" pair to config/config-mattermod.json.

Use "USERNAME" to have the GitHub username of the issue or pull request submitter appear.

When a change is committed, a Jenkins job will recompile and re-deploy mattermod for use on the mattermost/mattermost-servers repository under the mattermod GitHub account.

Mattermod Local Testing

In order to test Mattermod locally a couple of steps are needed.

  • 1. Local running version of MYSQL database. You can easily spin up a database by executing docker run --name mattermod-mysql -p 3306:3306 -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=mattermod -e MYSQL_USER=mattermod -e MYSQL_PASSWORD=mattermod -e MYSQL_DATABASE=mattermod -d mysql:5.7 > /dev/null;
  • 2. Download the latest Mattermod version and update the config/config-mattermod.json.
    • 2.1. You will need to create a Github repo and a Github Access Token. GithubAccessToken, Username and Repositories should be updated with your details.
    • 2.2. DataSource should be updated with the DSN of the MYSQL Database that was created in step 1.
    • 2.3. PrLabels should be updated with your preferred PR Labels
    • 2.4. The rest of the config file should be updated based on the testing activity. For example if you want to test the spin up of a test server, then all SetupSpinmintTag, SetupSpinmintMessage, SetupSpinmintDoneMessage, SetupSpinmintFailedMessage, DestroyedSpinmintMessage, DestroyedExpirationSpinmintMessage should be updated, as well as JenkinsCredentials and AWSCredentials.
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