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  • a command line binary for sending notifications to Growl
  • a library for integrating Growl into you C or C++ based applications


Sending notifications from Windows/Linux/ Mac is supported. Unixes in general should be supported but are untested.

Notifications may be received by Growl on Mac or GrowlForWindows on Windows.

  • windows
  • linux /mac

C Functions

int growl(server, appname, notify, title, message, icon, password, url)

Send tcp notification. Currently this is supported only by GrowlForWindows

  • server - hostname where Growl is running, port can optionally be specified e.g localhost:23053
  • appame - name for application sending notification
  • tite - notification title
  • message - notification text
  • icon - optional url or local file path for notification icon or NULL
  • password - password for Growl
  • url - website to direct user to if they click notification or NULL
int growl_udp(server, appname, notify, title, message, icon, password, url)

Send udp notification. This is supported by both GrowlForWindows and Mac Growl.

As above except icon and url are ignored.

C++ Objects

Growl *grow = new Growl(protocol, password, appname, notifications, notifications_count);
growl->Notify(notification1, title, message);
growl->Notify(notification2, title, message);

Building for MinGW

MinGW is basically gcc for Windows. make is required to build using MinGW.

To build the gntp-send.exe executable and libraries required for integration run

    mingw32-make -f Makefile.w32

Building for Visual Studio

nmake is required to build using Visual Studio.

To build the gntp-send.exe executable and libraries required for integration run

    nmake -f Makefile.msc

Building for UNIX

Max OS X is basically a Unix variant and is covered by these instructions.

gcc/g++ and make are required for building.

To build gntp-send and the libraries required for integration run

    make -f Makefile

Precompiled Binaries

Peter Sinnott provided windows binaries, see:

For ubuntu linux, use ppa:


gntp-send and libraries distributed under BSD license.


Please fork on github, and send me pull-requests.

Note to keep my code style.


Yasuhiro Matsumoto <>

Peter Sinnott <>

Dither <>


command line program that send to growl using GNTP protocol.



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