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ESP8266 Wifi AC Controller


Code for ESP8266 Microcontrollers that control my DIY Air-Conditioner remote. Code in this repo is intentionaly to use with Homebridge MQTT plugin on raspberry Pi. I made a circuit and enclosure by myself. I know that my circuit might need to add some resistors, feel free to edit it in your design.


  • Display NTP Clock when standby.
  • Simple button control. Power, Temp up/down.
  • Can control temperature, swing, fan speed and mode with HomeKit.
  • Auto brightness according to ambient light.
  • OTA Firmware upgrade.
  • Control via HomeKit using HeaterCooler Service (iOS 11+)
  • Control via HomeKit(Below iOS 11), Amazon Alexa using Fan service because it does not support AC control.


  • ESP8266 NodeMCU
  • OLED 256×64 SSD1332
  • LDR(Light Dependent Resistor)
  • Push Button
  • IR LED and LED (normal led for indicate when IR is emitting)
  • NPN Transistor BC338 - for increse voltage level for IR LED


Add this devices to Homebridge-MQTT

You can use program like MQTTLENS to send this command




  "name": "Smart AC",
  "service_name": "smart_ac",
  "service": "HeaterCooler",
  "manufacturer": "ESP8266",
  "firmwarerevision": "1.0.0",
  "SwingMode": 1,
  "RotationSpeed": {"maxValue":3, "minValue": 0, "minStep": 3},
 "CoolingThresholdTemperature": {"maxValue":28, "minValue": 18, "minStep": 1}


  1. I didn't made this project to supports all AC. It requires some modification to works with your AC. Please take a look at IRremoteESP8266 library which supports variety of AC brand.
  2. I developed this program with VSCode with PlatformIO plugin. Please install all missing libraries with PlaformIO
  3. Don't forget to change MQTT server ip address to match yours.
  4. For the first time, use Wifi setup to connect to your router.


  • PubSubClient
  • IRremoteESP8266
  • U8g2
  • WifiManager
  • ArduinoJson

Known issues

  • Schematics can be improved.
  • Interrupt can cause system crash.