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package org.deeplearning4j.scalphagozero.board
import scala.util.Random
* Zobrist hashing for board positions.
* Used to help enforce the ko rule by detecting when the board state is the same as it once was.
* @author Max Pumperla
object ZobristHashing {
private final val SEED = 1
private final val RAND = new Random(SEED)
// Need to up this to 25 if we ever want to support boards of size 25.
private final val MAX_BOARD_SIZE = 19
final val ZOBRIST: Map[(Point, Option[Player]), Long] = {
for (i <- 1 to MAX_BOARD_SIZE;
j <- 1 to MAX_BOARD_SIZE;
occ <- Seq(None, Some(BlackPlayer), Some(WhitePlayer))) yield (Point(i, j), occ)
}.map(p => p -> RAND.nextLong()).toMap
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