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iOS client for Cospend on Nextcloud
Swift HTML Ruby
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iOS client for Cospend on Nextcloud & Download from the Apple App Store

Using SwiftUI and Combine. Inspired by Moneybuster (

We are currently in a kind of "open beta" v1.0 All basic functionality should work, but we are not completely stable with everthing. If you find something, please create an issue or write a mail to! Contributions of all kind are welcome, please get in touch with us!



  • Show listed bills
  • Create new bills
  • Balance of project members
  • Handling several projects
  • Colorcodes to differentiate users
  • Update bills
  • Delete bills
  • Clearing debt of single members
  • C̵r̵e̵a̵t̵i̵n̵g̵ ̵n̵e̵w̵ ̵p̵r̵o̵j̵e̵c̵t̵s̵ ̵o̵n̵ ̵i̵H̵a̵t̵e̵M̵o̵n̵e̵y̵
  • Adding new members to a project
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