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A better aria2 desktop frontend than AriaNg, with all features of AriaNg and providing more features for desktop usage.


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AriaNg Native

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AriaNg Native is a desktop application built by Electron, with all features of AriaNg. You can run AriaNg Native on Windows or macOS without any browser. In addition, AriaNg Native also has many features that AriaNg cannot implement.

Extra features

  1. More user-friendly interface
    • Create new task by draging-and-droping file or url
    • Show torrent file information and choose download file before creating task
    • Play sound after download finished
  2. Command line arguments, supporting creating new task by opening file
  3. File associations for .torrent/.metalink file
  4. Taskbar tray, supporting minimizing to tray
  5. Local file system operating support
  6. Executing custom command on startup
  7. Checking for updates on startup

Introduction of AriaNg

Please visit for more information.



AriaNg Native


AriaNg Native

Command Line

Usage: AriaNg Native.exe [file] [options]

  AriaNg Native.exe new [file]  Create new download task from exist
                                torrent/metalink file                  [default]

  --version, -v      Show version number                               [boolean]
  --help, -h                                                           [boolean]
  --development, -d  Enable Debug Mode                                 [boolean]
  --classic, -c      Use classic window title bar (for Windows only)   [boolean]
  --minimal, -m      Hide the main window at startup                   [boolean]


Prebuilt release

Latest Release:

Building from source

Make sure you have Node.js and NPM installed. Then download the source code, and follow these steps.

$ npm install

# For Windows
$ npm run publish:win

# For macOS
$ npm run publish:osx

The builds will be placed in the dist directory.


Everyone is welcome to contribute translations. All translations files are put in /app/langs/. You can just modify and commit a new pull request.

If you want to translate AriaNg to a new language, you can add language configuration to /app/scripts/config/languages.js, then copy /i18n/en.sample.txt to /app/langs/ and rename it to the language code to be translated, then you can start the translation work.