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@DomenikP DomenikP released this Nov 18, 2014 · 10902 commits to master since this release

This release is based on MPS 3.1.4 / 3.1.5 and comes with some bugfixes for the 0.8.1 release, but as well with some additional features:

  • fully updated user guide
  • graphical editor for visualizing component wiring
  • ability to specify file system locations of gcc, make and gdb
  • debugger provides extension points for integrating additional debugger backends

MPS in version 3.1.5 can be downloaded and installed from here:

Here is the explanation of the download packages:

  • com.mbeddr.allInOne: all plugins, to be installed into your own existing MPS
  • com.mbeddr.tutorial: the tutorial project plus the mbeddr user guide written with the mbeddr documentation language
  • mbeddr-distribution: the plugins plus the tutorial in one ZIP file
  • mbeddr-IDE-*: an MPS with all the plugins installed; no previous MPS installation needed
  • mbeddr-platform: MPS utilities developed by the mbeddr team, independent of the C stuff; see
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