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Flexible Flash notifications for Laravel
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Laravel Notify is a package that lets you add custom notifications to your project. A diverse range of notification design is available and many are coming soon.

Work In Progress

This package is still under active development. If you need Android version please try this package Aesthetic Dialogs. Happy Coding 👨🏾‍💻


You can install the package using composer

$ composer require mckenziearts/laravel-notify

Then add the service provider to config/app.php. In Laravel versions 5.5 and beyond, this step can be skipped if package auto-discovery is enabled.

'providers' => [

You can publish the configuration file and assets by running:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider='Mckenziearts\Notify\LaravelNotifyServiceProvider'

Now that we have published a few new files to our application we need to reload them with the following command:

$ composer dump-autoload


  1. Add styles links with @notifyCss
  2. Add scripts links with @notifyJs
  3. use notify() helper function inside your controller to set a toast notification for info, success, warning or error
  4. Include notify partial to your master layout @include('notify::messages')


Within your controllers, before you perform a redirect call the notify method with a message.

public function store()
    notify()->success('Laravel Notify is awesome!');

    return Redirect::home();

An complete example:

<!doctype html>
        <title>Laravel Notify</title>

Type of notifications

Laravel Notify actually display 4 types of notifications

  1. toast notification, who is default notification for Laravel Notify
notify()->success('Welcome to Laravel Notify ⚡️')
  1. connectify notification, example of basic usage
connectify('success', 'Connection Found', 'Success Message Here')
  1. drakify (😎) notification, only to display an alert
drakify('success') // for success alert 
drakify('error') // for error alert 
  1. smilify notification, a simple custom toast notification using smiley 😊
smilify('success', 'You are successfully reconnected')
  1. emotify notification, a simple custom toast notification using vector emoticon
emotify('success', 'You are awesome, your data was successfully created')


Config file are located at config/notify.php after publishing provider element.

Some awesome stuff. To active dark mode update the theme config, or add global variable NOTIFY_THEME on your .env file

'theme' => env('NOTIFY_THEME', 'dark'),

Got result like that

Laravel Notify use animate.css to set smooth animation to display and hide notify element.

| Animate Module (use animate.css)
| Use animate.css to animate the notice.

'animate' => [
    'in_class' => 'bounceInRight', // The class to use to animate the notice in.
    'out_class' => 'bounceOutRight', // The class to use to animate the notice out.
    'timeout'   => 5000 // Number of seconds before the notice disappears

You can now choose where the notification should appear with the position variable in the configuration file. By default the top-right position is enable.

'position' => 'top-right',

Change log

Please see the changelog for more information on what has changed recently.


Please see for details and a todolist.


If you discover any security related issues, please email author email instead of using the issue tracker.



license. Please see the license file for more information.

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