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Important note

Ta4j is not maintained by Marc de Verdelhan anymore. Future PRs and issues will not be treated here. See #192 for more information. This repository is kept for archival purposes and may be used as documentation for ta4j 0.9 (which is a stable version).

The community decided to take over the project and continue to maintain it. The new repository is available at

ta4j Build Status Chat on

Technical Analysis For Java

Ta4 main chart

Ta4j is an open source Java library for technical analysis. It provides the basic components for creation, evaluation and execution of trading strategies.


  • 100% Pure Java - works on any Java Platform version 8 or later
  • More than 100 technical indicators (Aroon, ATR, moving averages, parabolic SAR, RSI, etc.)
  • A powerful engine for building custom trading strategies
  • Utilities to run and compare strategies
  • Minimal 3rd party dependencies
  • Simple integration
  • One more thing: it's MIT licensed

Maven configuration

Ta4j is available on Maven Central. You just have to add the following dependency in your pom.xml file.


For snapshots, add the following repository to your pom.xml file.

    <id>sonatype snapshots</id>

The current snapshot version is 0.10-SNAPSHOT.

Getting Help

The wiki is the best place to start learning about ta4j.

Of course you can ask anything via Twitter. For more detailed questions, please use the issues tracker.

Contributing to ta4j

Here are some ways for you to contribute to ta4j:

See also: the contribution policy.