A small tool enabling starting and stopping services from user account.
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This is a small program that allows starting and stopping services from user account. It makes basic service management as easy as possible.

NOTICE: This program goes around UAC restrictions by installing service that is able to start and stop other services within administrator context. In order to have security hole as small as possible this service will NEVER be able to do anything more. I personally never want application that can install other services without user interaction.

Shortcut Keys

  • F5 Start service
  • Shift+F5 Stop service
  • Ins Add service to list
  • Del Remove service from list


This program is named after Korean phonetic transliteration of word service. In original form it is written as 서비스. Name was selected primarily because it sounds good and I wasn't able to find other program by same name. And I was out of better ideas. :)