My personal RTL website in Persian.
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This is the source code of my personal Persian website. Persian aka Farsi is written right-to-left, however some people use Roman script to write Persian language in messaging applications and social networks.

This repository can be of use to anybody willing to build a new right to left website. I gradually fix issues which I came across while writing new posts in my website. This website is produced using Jekyll static site generator.

For any discussion regarding creating static websites with Jekyll please refer to the above mentioned Gitter channel.

Make it yours

Take the following steps to make your own website:

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Edit CNAME file and replace its content with your domain name
  3. Add an A record with your DNS provider to point to Github nameservers (otherwise your website would be only reachable under or
  4. Edit _config.yml to reflect your information
  5. Move _posts/* contents to _drafts/* or delete them (you can use them as template)
  6. Edit _includes/footer.html and edit feedburner and validation links. Alternatively you can delete any link that you don't like. To use feedburner you have to setup an account there for your website.
  7. Write your awesome stories ❤️

Important note

In order to build the website correctly, you have to name the forked repository different from your username. If you put it under a repository like Github will use its own Jekyll builder to build your website, no matter what you put inside gh-pages branch. Happy writing!