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this page contains a non exhaustive list of games and demos that were made using melonJS (Commercial and non-Commercial). If you want to share you work with the library, feel free to modify this page and add your game!


A quick chess game built with melonJS !

Fight of Dwarves

An arena fighting game for 2 to 4 players with dwarves and (currently) 8 different maps. Supports customizing controls and even gamepad input.

Dwarves can: Move, jump, attack and block


a Retro Pokémon RPG game engine built on top of MelonJS and compatible with Tiled maps editor. the game is an early stage prototype and it is not intended to be a final game. The main goal of this project is to build an RPG game engine for the web, inspired and based on the Pokemon games.

Contra 2000

Here I was playing around with an Online Multiplayer game. The idea was multiplayer contra. Like the NES classic....with this spin: everybody would hop into the same level, play as the contra guy, and try to shoot each other.

Super Kaiju Dunk City

Super Kaiju Dunk City is an indie game made for Ludum Dare 38, a theme-based game that mixes elements of basketball, rhythmic actions, pixel art animation, and a rich soundtrack with an overall kaiju theme to create a unique and fast paced gameplay experience.

The overall objective of the game is to match the various actions with the rhythmic actions prompted on-screen, or the player loses energy and die.

The Snowball Effect

Snowball Effect is a free to play mobile game, developed by Aaron McLeod (member of the melonJS team), where you try to make it as far as possible. Run over objects to gain energy. Use energy to mitigate damage. Avoid objects like fire pits and snowplows that will hurt you. Find coins to buy items to better your chance at survival.

Download The Snowball Effect on your smartphone today!

MARS Type 1

Horizontal shooter and god-killing simulator. Developed by the @radmars team, as part of the #GBJAM 5, and was ranked 7th !


GIK created in 2014, realizing a project of games that tell about the history of the four villages: Radzyn Podlaski, Niedrzwica Big, Zakrzówek and Jabłonna. The aim of the project "Digital Land" was to tell about local history with the help of digital tools involving the youngest residents.

GIK is a tool enabling the transition from the world players in the world game designers. Editor established technology HMTL5, allowing its use in all popular browsers. Our tool built on open source software - engine Melon JS. Editor tested also with the youngest users of preparing for them animation workshops.

Labyrinth survival

A mini-game where you have to find your way out of a labyrinth. This game features random level generation, with difficulty and map size increasing at each level, making it infinite, as there is actually no end !


Follow a pig dad in his journey to free his sons who've been kidnapped by evil boars. Schweinballons has been developed during #GBJam 4 by @DJPIE1337, @Kokonaught, @iLambda2 and @pauljoannon.

Vax Pack Hero

Beat the Germs! Vax Pack Hero is an educational game for the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where you can team up with vaccine heroes to beat the germs and keep your patient healthy. The more you play, the more heroes you get to help you. Collect all 50! And, after you save ten patients, you’ll earn a special prize. Start playing now!

Flesh Mess

Ludum dare 35 entry by RADMARS! You start as a wimpy skeleton, collect flesh to SHAPE SHIFT! Defeat 6 levels of horrific crimes against nature, to defeat the evil flesh lord.

Dead Can't dance

Can you spot the heretic in your crowd of dancers? "Dead Can't dance" is a multiplayer game entry for the Global Game Jam January 29 - 31, 2016, using melonJS + Node + (see installation instructions on GitHub:


Recover all of Beatrice's virtues and complete the ritual to save her soul from hell. "Beatrice" was developed in 48 hours during the Global GameJam (Caracas - Venezuela).

Escape the Fuzz

Want to engage yourself into the ultimate high speed chase against the cops? Escape the Fuzz allows you to do all of that, all while testing your reflexes and improving your reaction speed! The main idea in Escape the Fuzz is simple, you just need to control the hero using the arrow keys and send him through the city as he tries to escape the cops. This game is the perfect combination of GTA and PacMan, offered in a stellar, exciting manner that you will surely love and appreciate.

Joe Volcano

Joe Volcano is a supremely addictive, yet easy to learn game. This browser-based game is designed to test your reflexes, truly a game of pure skill. In this heated, fast-paced scroller game, the player controls Joe Volcano as he scurries along to avoid lava traps and pitfalls, collecting polished diamonds as he hops from level to level. Once you start you won't be able to stop!

The Uncertainty Principle

Ludum dare 34 entry by RADMARS! In The Uncertainty Principle, you awaken on a strange spaceship! Try and find a way out of this horrible nightmare~ Make your choices, or choose BOTH! Splitting the timeline can be dangerous, but saves precious time.

Zombie Island by Officine Pixel

You were on solo flying over the sea when an engine fault forced you to an emergency landing on unknown island in the middle of Pacific ocean, but, instead of the aid you were looking for from the inhabitants, you discovered the horror hidden by the island.


Ludum dare 33 entry by RADMARS! In Micromancer, You are a grim tormented necromancer king! Raise the dead, kill all the humans. Fight on, right on.

Captain DJ 2

One more time Captain DJ is involved into the eternal battle between good and evil. Dr. Noise has sparked off a new attack to the planet unleashing hordes of eccentric troopers who invaded the cities with the intent of stealing the music from inhabitants of the planet earth and switch sound into a lethal weapon. Only you, in the shoes of tecno-ninja Captain DJ, can fend off the attack of the invader picking the notes scattered in each level and neutralizing the enemies by jumping on all of them. This time Captain DJ can count on new superpowers, mixing some elements in the right sequence, he can transform himself into the massive Captain Bowling, who fight the opponents with his physical power and launching deadly balls like steamrollers.


Meet Lucien, Pedro and Marine, three blobs perfectly happy to live inside their tiny little screen. Unfortunately, you want to leave this place. But how?

Build your escape from the screen by trading items and assistance with your neighbors! Smash rocks and blobs with your hammer! Wear a moustache!

This game was created for the Ludum Dare #31.

Bad Company Party by Michael Wilson (Ponywolf)

A pixel platformer holiday card, released by Ponywolf as season greetings for their parent company (Drake Cooper).

Worth noting that each time the game was shared (until Dec 31st, 2014), $1 was donated to the Idaho Food Bank (up to total donation of a $1000)

Gravity World

An awesome puzzle game that plays with Gravity!

Peter Acorn by #Fellows

Join in and help Peter escape from the clutches of his arch enemy Jack Gnash. Gain speed by dodging obstacles and use Peters tuxedo to glide between platforms. Use the PeterCopter mode to fly across canyons taking care to avoid collisions.

Kung Fu Trainer

Improve your fighting skills guided by a great Kung Fu Master. From the simple moves of the white belt to the ultimate combos of the black belt challenges, 18 levels are available to increase your speed, precision and coordination. Compare your results on the leader board with those of other Kung Fu practitioners from all over the world and share your high scores with your friends!

Quiz Goose Science

The game of goose and trivia mixed together. Choose how many players and how many of them are humans or controlled by the computer. Write your name and select your character. When it's your turn, roll the dice for advancing into the boxes. If you stop on a quiz box will pop up the question window where you must select the right answer, if so, you will be rewarded by advancing some more positions, otherwise, you will recede. Try to reach the goal before your opponents.

Pipe Animus by fall deaf

A demo of an upcoming indie RPG game about following your stupid dreams. The final version of the game will be desktop based but the author has released a web version for this first demo in the hope to reach more people.

Grim Gateway

Ludum dare 30 entry by RADMARS

In Grim Gateway, you are a necromancer collecting souls from the weird native wildlife. Kill creatures in the physical world & collect their souls in the underworld!


Know the spirits animals by becoming like them. Complete the trials to reach enlightenment. Reach the Totem Pole and pick up talismans imbued with the spirit animal's power.

Jelly Invaders Beach Line

Jelly Invaders goes to beach! Gameplay is still very simple, just defeat the invasors by painting them! Align 3 or more aliens of the same color for destroy them. The more aliens you will destroy together the more score you will get. Defend cabins from the alien fire and use special balls for defeating enemy waves.

Jelly Invaders from Outer Space by Officine Pixel

A shoot'em up game with a "Zuma" twist: just shoot the aliens to paint them, and align 3 or more aliens of the same color for destroy them!

Rick Dangerous II by Rémy Boulanouar

a Work-In-Progres portage of Rick Dangerous II in HTML5 ! Developed using the "official" sounds, graphics and maps of the game available at

WWW by Alexandre Dantas

WWW is a low-resolution (32x32) HTML5 clone of the famous VVVVVV game! It's an open-source 2D HTML5 platformer, made with melonJS and created for the 2014 Low Resolution GameJam (#lowrezjam 2014).

Jaspy little caveman 2

Jaspy is a kiddy caveman who loves eating eggs at lunch. Jump from one cloud to the next and try climbing the higher peak, where pterodactyls deposed their delicious eggs. Be careful, cliffs are dangerous places and pterodactyls don't like little thieves who wish to steal their treasure. Collect fruity bonuses along the way, they will increase your score.

Search for Hope

This game started out as an entry for Ludum Dare 29. Over the past year, I continued to work on it further. I wanted to build a game that didn't emphasize violence as a solution. Enemies can be more avoided instead of killed. So I made the game interesting by adding a requirement of timing and accuracy. The game has a steadily improving mood with its environment. The idea that there is hope, and that you are getting warmer.

Tenkosei ROBO

Ludum dare 29 entry by RADMARS

You, a robotic schoolgirl, have just transferred to a new school - but something seems amiss. What could be lurking... beneath the surface?

Hairland by Dadalab

Hairland is the first of a series of "minigame" packs sponsored by a hairdressing company near Barcelona (though the game is by no means a game about cutting hair). Hairland is a free game, developed both using melonJS and CocoonJS for deployment on both the appStore and Google Play! (see links below)

Clumsy Bird by Ellison Leao

Clumsy Bird is a clone of the now world famous Flappy Bird, and created in only two days for studying purposes. As the hype-ness on the Flappy Bird theme was growing, its author decided to host the code on Github, to give more visibility about how its easy to implement such a game.

"Clumsy Bird is the new open source Flappy Bird" (, Feb 2014)

Kung Fu Star by Blipjoy

Built in 48 hours for LD48 #28.

This is a game about being a Kung Fu Star. A Kung Fu Star that only has one tool. A Ninja Rope? Maybe.

FFX Jumper

FFX Jumper is a side-scrolling platform game with a car/action twist. Your goal is to accomplish each mission, as stated in brief at the beginning of each level. The enemy cars will try to prevent you from doing that. Get rid of enemy cars by jumping over them, each kind of vehicle has different stamina, you will need hit them more times in order to kill'em. Avoid to get bumped from above by them otherwise your car will be damaged. You will find bonuses spread across the landscape, pick up them as they will give you extra score or car repairs.Bombs will be activates when you pass over them, you can use them for destroying enemies or, in some cases, for jumping in that places you can't reach otherwise.

A Walk in the Park: Turbo by Blipjoy

Built for One Game A Month November 2013 and Charity Game Jam.

Just another ordinary day, you decide to take a walk in the park. In classic text adventure tradition, you are given free reign to explore the world around you, and interact with everything you can see. The story unfolds naturally as a work of interactive fiction. "A Walk in the Park" is a beautifully orchestrated tale of peace and quiet..

Psiral by @petarov

One of the winning entry from the last GitHub Game-Off 2013 challenge!

Psiral is a turn based strategy game in which four wizards battle to reach the fountain of endless energy. This, of course, will bring them eternity and power beyond human imagination. Each wizard controls the powers of one of the four known elements - earth, water, fire and wood... uhm, I mean air. So, which one will get there first? Choose and find out.

Space Janitor: Custodial Marine

Ludum dare 27 entry by RADMARS

Get to the mainframe to shut down the evil robots!

Master Spy by TurboGun

Master Spy is a stealth-based precision platformer with old school cutscenes, slated for release in 2014.


  • 50 levels across 5 unique environments, with each mission increasing in thumb-shredding difficulty.
  • Cinematic Pixel Art Cutscenes full of Action, Conspiracy, Betrayal, and Intrigue. You could skip these, but why?
  • Original Spy-Fi Soundtrack by Sferro!

Node Mayhen a Node Knockout hackathon entry

A tiny shooter made with melon.js that features multiplayer support powered by Node.js and

Built over one weekend by Helen Zeng, Timothy Strimple & Felix Rieseberg, as an easy and fun shooter for Node Knockout 2013.

Check out their blog entry for more details, or GitHub, as the whole package is open source, and build your own multiplayer browser game!

Tilly's Horrible Halloween by Gareth Williams

An Halloween themed platformer entry for the 1GAM October challenge, which takes inspiration from the original Great Giana Sisters game. The main character is Tilly, who makes the leap from the Dreamland RPG to become an arcade platforming heroine. The idea is to collect candy and beat up the denizens that also emerged from the world of Dreamland.

Learning Adventure by ITSimples Games

A RPG (Role Playing Game) with very unique educational RPG feature, where to achieve objectives, the player has to spend several challenges such as answering questions or solving problems.

Rise of the monsters by Michael Luyties

A preview version of a fun and exciting new game: "Rise of the monsters"

transformerz_elementz by Roman Luks

Use your knowledge of elements to solve this puzzle game

Sprung Fever by Blipjoy

Struggle through the life of a young man who suffers from spring fever. Everywhere he goes, the boy can't help himself around girls. He is very impressionable and easily attracted by the young women. Help the young man in the fight for his life as he goes on exciting adventures to the grocery store, the mailbox, and returning rental videos! Just don't let him get sidetracked by cute girls, or he'll fail his exams. The cuter they are, the worse is gets!. Sprung Fever was built in three weeks for One Game A Month April 2013.

Mini Sim Hotel by Blipjoy

Hotel management simulation game where the player builds a hotel from designing the floor plan to hiring staff and fulfilling customer satisfaction. Start with a limited budget as you grow your hotel, keeping a watchful eye on your finances. See to customer needs by directing staff to take care of complaints; a happy guest is a guest that will stay again, increasing your overall revenue. This game presents a tricky and addictive balance between creativity and resource management. Mini Sim Hotel has been built for the Radisson Hackathon 2013.

Hammers, swords & Steel by

HSS is the first MMO RT TBS (Real Time Turn Based Strategy) game. Like a lot of TBS games, the goal is to conquer the world. This game could be considered as a mix of Travian and Civilization.

Alienauts by Blipjoy

Play as a stranded alien survivor, attempting to outsmart the lab coats as they keep a keen watch on your every move. The scientists studying you are most interested in your escape pod's ability to create a temporary but exact replica of certain materials.

Alienauts is a HTML5 A 2D physics made for the GitHub Game-off 2012.

Simpleman by Justin Oblak

A simple 5 level platformer, featuring a sprite composition engine based off of Jason Oster's Neverwell Moor!

Invasion by Robin Rateau

A game in which you drive a spaceship and where you must destroy all incoming aliens!

Note: this game does not use Tiled and shows how easy it can be to create simple games with melonJS.

Guinea Pig Guinea Pig - a GGJ 2013 entry

A Global Game Jam 2013 entry that won the first prize in the open web category. Guide your guinea pig through a cholesterol clogged artery, while weakening and collecting germs to develop a delicious vaccine. Take note of your insurance rate.

Beyond the horizon by Jamie Gault

Beyond the Horizon is a HTML5 game made as the January game for 1GAM.

Shooter - a GGJ 2013 entry

A "comic" style shooter developed as part of the Global Game Jam 2013, by Aaron McLeod , Anthony Wong , Evan Doherty & Tyler Akey.

Breakouts by Matt Greer

As part of a project managed by Matt Greer and aiming to get some insight into the various engines out there, by implementing a simple version of the game Breakout in various engines.

the BRINK by team RADMARS

A Great Jam Entry for the Lundum Dare 25, where you are the villain!

I AM EAGLE by Jamie Gault

I AM EAGLE is a free 2-D touch-based platformer game for Windows 8 (available on the Windows Store).

Point where you want Eagle to fly. When pointed down, Eagle goes into a dive that helps him speed through levels and attack enemies. Collect feathers and try to get to the end of the level as fast as possible for a high score. The initial release has 15 levels across 3 worlds, and future updates will add more levels..

Vibrant Recycling by Cian Games

Vibrant Recycling is an educational arcade game for HTML5 compatible browsers where the player will help fun bins to collect and recycle the wastes.

Neverwell Moor by Blipjoy

Built in 3 weeks for the Liberated Pixel Cup 2012 competition with JavaScript (HTML5) using melonJS and Chipmunk-js.

Death Death Evolution by team RADMARS

The Third place entry in LD24 is yet another great title and has been created by Adhesion. Death Death Evolution is firstly a great name along with being a very interesting spin on the puzzle platformer genre as a whole.

Generally death is bad in any game, however in Death Death Evolution it is somewhat encouraged.

Human Fatality by Quantum Softwares

A Jam entry for the Lundum Dare 24!

From the prehistory to the modern era: Human Fatality is a game which is a "double travel": A travel inside the human history and, in parallel, inside the video game history.

CommandoJS by the Commando team!

CommandoJS is a study on HTML5 canvas and audio capabilities implemented using CoffeeScript. It is also a nostalgic glimpse in the past in a form of Commodore 64 game "Commando".

Escape from Minimars by team RADMARS

A Great Jam Entry for the Lundum Dare 23.

Exolon by newagebegins

A Remake of the ZX Spectrum game (published in 1987) made with melonJS, and featuring 75 of the orginal screens screens.

Cachania by Christian N.

A game made for the world wide scavenger hunt "Geocaching", where you have to search treasures in the game to find the lost parts of the coordinates for the real world cache.

Action Reflex by newagebegins

A clone of the 1986 ZX Spectrum game made with melonJS.

Tiny Neutrino by Allusion

A 48 Hour Compo Entry for the Ludum Dare 23

Zap IT by LSU

A Megaman style platformer game dedicated to a former co-worker at LSU, Adam Zapletal.

Electro Tank by Allusion

A game inspired by an old Apple II game called Bolo, where you have to destroy enemy bases in each level.

Bitzz by Tiago Almeida

Chaos is an evil virus that infected Bitzz. You must be fast and help Bitzz escaping, reaching the portal, in the less time possible! What are you waiting for? Go!

Bitzz was built with HTML5 and Javascript using MelonJS, and scoreoid for Global Scores, Best Scores and Player Management.

Alex the Allegator 4 - web edition

An HTML5 remake of the classic "alex the allegator 4" game, available here and created by Johan Peitz from Free Lunch Design.

Although featuring only the 6 first original levels, it reproduces almost all of the original game mechanisms, and uses mostly all the features available in melonJS!

Fish War!

Fish War! demo: A simple game where the goal is too eat as much fish as you can, while avoiding the jellyfish.

How much can you eat?

Frangoi's Journey by Ellison Leão

A game prototype for the 2012's Global Game Jam, made using the melonJS.

Frangoi is an old Alchemist who wishes to find the secret formula of a potion that can give the immortality. He can travel between 2 parallel words in order to find the elements for the immortality potion.

Top Wing

Top Wing demo An example of vertical Shooter by Michael Jasper.

Chronicles of Link

Chronicles of Link demo A very nice WIP zelda remake/clone by Anthony Dietrich.

TMW.js by Thorbjørn Lindeijer

tmw demo An experimental client/server HTML5 remake of The Mana World, by Thorbjørn Lindeijer, the author of Tiled.

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