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Information for Developers

Development environment

This project uses VCCW.

To get up and running install Vagrant and Virtualbox, then run vagrant up in the plugin's root directory.

You should then be able to access the WP admin panel -

The default username/password is admin/admin.

Once signed in you'll need to go to your local Memberful site, and setup a WordPress integration (Memberful Admin -> Settings -> Integrate -> I'm using WordPress), then copy and paste the activation code into the WordPress admin panel (WP admin -> Settings -> Memberful). Submit the form and then WordPress should be connected to your local vm, ready for development!


The plugin is versioned using Semantic Versioning.

The gist of it is as follows:

                    +---+ Increment this number on every normal release 
                    |     that adds features and is not intended to     
                    v     break/remove existing features.               
                 ^    ^                                                 
                 |    |                                                 
      +----------+    +----------+ Change this number if you need to    
      +                            release an update that ONLY includes 
  Increment this number            bug fixes.                           
  if you change compatibility                                           
  or stop supprting an old                                              
  version of WordPress.                                                 

It's worth noting that the version number is not a decimal number, and each segment is a separate number. i.e. 1.12.0 > 1.11.0.

Releasing a new version of the plugin

  • Make sure that every change has an appropriate changelog entry in readme.txt.
  • Set correct version number in readme.txt and memberful-wp.php.
  • Ensure that all changes are ready in the master branch.
  • Run ./
  • A copy of the svn repo will be downloaded into /tmp, the version you tagged will be copied across to the tags and trunk directories, (sans development files) and then committed to the svn repo, causing to release a new version.
  • The script will remove the svn directory.

Updating WordPress SVN without a new plugin version

From time to time we need to update WordPress SVN without releasing a new plugin version. For example we need to do this after updating "Tested up to" in readme.txt. To do this simply follow the release instructions above without updating the plugin version.

Rolling back

  • Revert your changes.
  • Release a new version with a version number greater than the current one, e.g. if the current version is 1.15.0 then release 1.16.0.