A MediaWiki bot framework in Java
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A Java wiki bot framework that is only one file -- org/wikipedia/Wiki.java. Some functionality provided by MediaWiki extensions deployed on Wikimedia sites is available in org/wikipedia/WMFWiki.java. This project also contains the source code to the tools hosted at https://wikipediatools.appspot.com and other Wikipedia-related bits and pieces. Requires JDK >= 1.8. For those using Java 9, only the java.base and java.logging modules are required.

Latest stable version: 0.36 -- MediaWiki versions 1.31+


Class/Package Java MediaWiki extensions
org.wikipedia.Wiki None None
org.wikipedia.WMFWiki None As indicated. Works on WMF sites.
org.wikipedia.*Utils None None
org.wikipedia.tools.* None See below.
org.wikipedia.servlets.* javax.servlet See below.

Note: Some tools and servlets are hardcoded to work on WMF sites only, and in some cases for just the English Wikipedia. (Some tools solve en.wp specific problems). They should all work on WMF sites. If you would like tool coverage for your wiki, please file a bug report.

Bug reports

Bug reports may be filed in the Issue tracker or at my talk page. Please read this essay on filing bug reports effectively if you are not already familiar with its contents. Bugs regarding bot things should have a short test case that demonstrates the problem. Before reporting character encoding problems, please display the output in a JOptionPane to isolate your development environment.