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Metabase is the easy, open source way for everyone in your company to ask questions and learn from data.

Metabase Product Screenshot

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  • 5 minute setup (We're not kidding)
  • Let anyone on your team ask questions without knowing SQL
  • Rich beautiful dashboards with auto refresh and fullscreen
  • SQL Mode for analysts and data pros
  • Create canonical segments and metrics for your team to use
  • Send data to Slack or email on a schedule with Pulses
  • View data in Slack anytime with Metabot
  • Humanize data for your team by renaming, annotating and hiding fields

For more information check out

Supported databases

  • Postgres
  • MySQL
  • Druid
  • SQL Server
  • Redshift
  • MongoDB
  • Google BigQuery
  • SQLite
  • H2
  • CrateDB
  • Oracle
  • Vertica

Don't see your favorite database? File an issue to let us know.


Metabase can be run just about anywhere so checkout our Installation Guides for detailed instructions for various deployments. Here's the TLDR:


To run Metabase via Docker, just type

docker run -d -p 3000:3000 --name metabase metabase/metabase


To run the jar you will need to have a Java Runtime installed. As a quick check to see if you system already has one, try

java -version

If you see something like

java version "1.8.0_51"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_51-b16)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.51-b03, mixed mode)

you are good to go. Otherwise, download the Java Runtime Environment at

Go to the Metabase Download Page and download the current build. Place the downloaded jar into a newly created directory (as it will create some files when it is run), and run it on the command line:

java -jar metabase.jar

Now, open a browser and go to http://localhost:3000 , and you will be asked a set of questions that will set up a user account, and then you can add a database connection. For this to work you will need to get some information about which database you want to connect to, such as the Host Name and Port that it is running on, the Database Name and the User and Password that you will be using.

Once you have added this connection, you will be taken into the app and you'll be ready to ask your first question.

For a more detailed walkthrough, check out our Getting Started guide.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions come up over and over again. Check here first: FAQ

Security Disclosure

Security is very important to us. If discover any issue regarding security, please disclose the information responsibly by sending an email to and not by creating a GitHub issue.


To get started with a development installation of the Metabase, follow the instructions at our Developers Guide.

Then take a look at our Contribution Guide for information about our process and where you can fit in!

Extending and Deep Integrations

Metabase also allows you to hit our Query API directly from Javascript to integrate the simple analytics we provide with your own application or third party services to do things like:

  • Build moderation interfaces
  • Export subsets of your users to third party marketing automation software
  • Provide a specialized customer lookup application for the people in your company

Danger zone

The button below will deploy the branch where this lives onto Heroku. Metabase developers use it to deploy branches of Metabase to test our PRs, etc. We DO NOT recommend you using this for production. Instead, please use a stable build.



Unless otherwise noted, all Metabase source files are made available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL).

See LICENSE.txt for details and exceptions.

Unless otherwise noted, all files © 2016 Metabase, Inc.